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Forsaken - Dominaeon (9,5/10) - Malta - 2005

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Golden Lake Productions
Playing time: 53:44
Band homepage: Forsaken


  1. The Abscondant God (Intro)
  2. Dominaeon
  3. Paradigm Of Chaos
  4. Obsidian Dreams
  5. The Celestial Alchemist
  6. Daylight Dies
  7. Blood Of The Son (Instrumental)
  8. Kenosis
  9. Wretched Of The Earth
  10. Resurgam
Forsaken - Dominaeon

With the predecessor "Anima Mundi“ FORSAKEN could already become one of the better Epic Doom acts in the scene of today. With “Dominaeon” you definitely have to count them among the top of the genre, for what is celebrated here in terms of Doom art is unbelievable. Forget the latest CANDLEMASS album, as this is more epic, more emotive and also more epic than the latest work by the KING OF KINGS!


So what has changed with FORSAKEN? Hardly anything has, it would be fatal in the Doom genre. Yet they worked on themselves, honed their strengths, dropped the keyboards and the overall sounds clearly benefits from the addition of choir passages! Praise goes to vocalist Leo Stivala, who has gained charisma and is hardly weaker than one Messiah Marcolin (CANDLEMASS), Robert Lower (SOLITUDE AETERNUS) or Eric Wagner (TROUBLE) anymore. The production is super heavy, which is appropriate for Doom with its almighty, pulverizing minimal riffs. As a result, monster songs such as “Obsidian Dreams” provide for goose bumps and delight with all Doom freaks. I have yet to hear a better pearl of Doom this year. Everything was done right here, composition, dramatic art, and this chorus rather reminds me of the galley slaves in old monumental movies – a magical song!


"Kenosis“ is such a magnificent work, too, which pulls you into a maelstrom, tears the rug out from under your feet and sends you through a contrast bath of emotions due to the loud/quiet dynamics. Majestic is the appropriate term! “Wretched Of The Earth”, “Daylight Dies” and “Resurgam” are other favourites of mine, which also have the most noble level and are utterly impressive, they even make me speechless.  Or the super atmospheric interlude “The Celestial Alchemist” with its hypnotic choral singing…Insane!


The album came late, but it definitely counts among the "must have works“ of 2005, in case you are able to appreciate Doom Metal with clean, theatrical vocals. It’s a pity that FORSAKEN don’t have a reasonable distribution in Germany, but you will definitely find them in the well-known mail-orders. (Online February 2, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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