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Mattsson, Lars Eric - Earthbound (7,5/10) - Finland - 2005

Genre: Instrumental Metal
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 43:36
Band homepage: Mattsson, Lars Eric


  1. From The Skies
  2. Earthbound
  3. Time Capsule
  4. Delhi
  5. ShredHead
  6. The Orchid
  7. Free Wind
  8. Song Of The Woods
  9. Closed Eyes
  10. …Later
Mattsson, Lars Eric - Earthbound

Lars Eric Mattsson is one of those artists I’ve heard of, but have never actually heard. From looking at his bio, he is a busy man releasing albums with his own band, MATTSSON, along with others such as BOOK OF REFLECTION. “Earthbound” is only his second all-instrumental album, with the first, “Electric Voodoo” (“The Exciter” in the USA), having been released clear back in 1991.


Mr. Mattsson handles all but the drums on “Earthbound” (those duties go to Eddie Sledgehammer – what a name!) and it’s clear from the get-go that he possesses great instrumental prowess. The guitar, though, is Mattsson’s weapon-of-choice and he shreds with the best.


“Earthbound” runs the stylistic gamut, going from Rock to Metal to Funk to World and many things in between. There are many ethnic sounds throughout, with the appearance of a Middle Eastern sitar and Spanish-influenced guitars. But overall, this is best described as Instrumental Progressive Metal.


The success of any instrumental album is based solely on the composer’s compositional skills, since there are no catchy vocal melodies to fall back on. The material on “Earthbound” is well composed and varying in styles, making this a worthy addition to any Instrumental Metal fan’s collection. (Online February 3, 2006)

Eric Vieth

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