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Iommi - Fused (6,5/10) - Great Britain - 2005

Genre: Rock
Label: Sanctuary Records
Playing time: 49:32
Band homepage: Iommi


  1. Dopamine
  2. Wasted Again
  3. Saviour Of The Real
  4. Resolution Song
  5. Grace
  6. Deep Inside A Shell
  7. What You're Living For
  8. Face Your Fear
  9. The Spell
  10. I Go Insane
Iommi - Fused

I have to say that when IOMMI pumped out "The Seventh Star" back in 1986 I loved it. It had great hooks and riffs even though they sound dated today. When "The Dep Sessions" came out last year, I was slightly disappointed because it wasn't as memorable as the earlier disc despite having Glenn Hughes on it. It wasn't his fault. There was too much of an alternative vibe on there.


Now, the two have collaborated once again and this is the end result. At first listen, I wasn't really impressed with this because it was once again not as memorable and I found everything on here to be annoying. I thought Glenn's voice was very whiney on "Dopamine." I also thought that the music was too sludgy on there too, especially the guitars. Well, I put the disc away for a few days and came back to it. It turns out that I just wasn't in the mood for it. The opener turned out to be really cool as Glenn has a very dramatic voice and he goes all out all the time. You nothing less from the man than 100 percent. The guitar work is still slow and sludgy with an alternative vibe, but it turns out to work for the best on here.


"Wasted Again" is loud and heavy with a lot of riffing and soloing and that turns out to be the highlight here again. "Resolution Song" is really slow, but it's paced methodically and has an evil feel to the song, but the boys come out on top again as they just let it all out. Finally, we get to an upbeat song towards the end of the disc. "What You're Looking For" is the perfect song that contains catchy and simplistic riffs and killer vocal lines and phrasing. I really got into this one. You will be tapping your feet here. The end result is a decent release that will require several listens before enjoying this like I did. Perhaps you may get into it faster than me, but that's up to you to decide. Just warm up to this and you will find out that this is a good listen despite the fact that it doesn't have many catchy riffs. (Online February 4, 2006)

Joe Florez

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