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Mourning Ends - Kriegerseele (7/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Viking Metal
Label: Ars Metalli
Playing time: 43:16
Band homepage: Mourning Ends


  1. Siegessegen
  2. The Oldest
  3. Rad der Sonne
  4. Warriorsoul
  5. Heidenblut
  6. Auserkoren
  7. Christløg
  8. Baldurs Bruder
  9. Midgard
  10. Verrat am eigenen Blut
  11. Hellcommand
Mourning Ends - Kriegerseele
Viking Metal from Germany? Well, why not? I do not see the otherwhere drawn comparison with MITHOTYN, but the direction is not completely out of the way. Melodic Black Metal is the foundation on which MOURNING ENDS builds its sound, with folky melodies, melodic guitar-lines, flute, epic choirs and mostly pretty harsh vocals.

The latter are the main problem of this record for me, because with at least a little melody in the voice (there are enough examples for gruff and croaky vocals like this) the music would get even more expressiveness. But I can tell you that in the course of this CD you get kind of used to it.

"Rad der Sonne" and especially "Warriorsoul" are a very strong duo, which showcase all the strengths of the MOURNING ENDS-sound, epic melodies, background-choirs, which somehow remind me of FALKENBACH here and there, croaky vocals, well arranged, especially when reducing the heaviness (also in the voice), the Germans are showcasing their best side, as also "Baldurs Bruder" with some female vocals. Unfortunately a few of the songs have a tendency to get a little uniformed, especially when they put a bigger emphasis on higher tempo or harsher vocals.

As far as I know, "Kriegerseele" had been recorded independently in 2000, which is really worth mentioning because of the professionality of the packaging and sound. Even though they cannot keep up the high level of quality throughout the album, so "Kriegerseele" still is a good album, which a genre-fan should at least have heard once.

Alexander Melzer

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