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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - SATANICBLACK - Angels Of Blood

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SatanicBlack - Angels Of Blood (1/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Death Metal / Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 55:07
Band homepage: SatanicBlack


  1. Paint It Red
  2. Angel Of Blood
  3. Hail Satan >mp3
  4. One Dark And Lonely Night
  5. Dancing Under Blood
  6. Rememberance
  7. Lucifer’s Rise
  8. Nightanimal
  9. Embodied By Wrath
  10. Hidden Eyes Of The Nile
SatanicBlack - Angels Of Blood

You know, something that irks me greatly about certain bands is how unprofessional they are. Little mistakes like typos, grammatical errors, or typing your band name differently on different locations really give a bad first impression. Yea, maybe I’m being a hard ass, but if a band doesn’t bother to check for these types of things, how seriously would you think they are at what they were doing? I mean, people do judge a book by its cover and they get a band impression when they see stuff that looks hastily assembled.


That’s not important, you say? What is, then? Oh yea, the music. It’s a mixture of the Metal of the 80s. Stuff like VENOM mixed with, well, the more simplistic Thrash-y stuff of that era, with clichés left and right. It wouldn’t be that bad, but the music is so uninspiring and bland that it leaves me cold. The vocalist isn’t that great either, considering he goes from his regular clean vocals, that sound like a very tired and washed up Tom Araya (SLAYER), to a lower, more spoken voice, that just seemed turned way down in the mix. One small thing about them bugs the shit out of me about this disc. What is it?


Wellllllllllllll…………remember that little comment about certain elements being overlooked? The music has those same damn problems. Often, the sound of the whole mix us unbalanced. Sometimes, the lead guitar is loud (though the sound sounds like it was recorded using an old tape deck, which is another thing. It sounds like a bad 80s recording), with the rhythm barely audible and sometimes, the vocals are just too loud, along with the bass. Problems like that are pretty common with underground recordings, but what isn’t regular (it’s very rare, actually) is the instruments being off time with one another. I swear, the band didn’t even bother to check if the riffs were actually one time with the drums, or if the keyboard melodies were suitable for the guitars. As a musician, this is probably the most unprofessional thing you could possibly do on a recording.


Waste of time.


P.S. I checked the band’s site. They’re seeming to try as hard as they can NOT to act professionally. (Online February 5, 2006)

Armen Janjanian

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