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27 tablatures for Destruction

Destruction - Inventor Of Evil (7/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 50:36
Band homepage: Destruction


  1. Soul Collector >mp3
  2. The Defiance Will Remain >mp3
  3. The Alliance Of Hellhoundz >mp3
  4. No Mans Land
  5. The Calm Before The Storm >mp3
  6. The Chosen Ones
  7. Dealer Of Hostility
  8. Under Surveillance
  9. Seeds Of Hate
  10. Twist Of Fate
  11. Killing Machine
  12. Memoirs Of Nothingness
Destruction - Inventor Of Evil

“Scary, evil, dark and mean!!”


These are the first words to punctuate the silence post-haste following a plodding and demented mid-paced guitar intro which builds the tension to a climax only the butcher could satisfy. Thank god, the butcher has returned. After the extremely bland and altogether forgettable “Metal Discharge”, DESTRUCTION have returned offering several glimpses into the manic chainsaw riffage of “The Antichrist” where Schmier and Co. beat your face in with a tire iron. The flip-side of the rusty coin are the plethora of moments harkening back to the last long-player and even “All Hell Breaks Loose” where we are hit with Thrash, make no mistake about it, but the Thrash is like a wine cooler when we yearn for vodka. A little more pressure on the accelerator and this band would own the current senior citizen Thrash circuit.


The goddamn great material is shoved down your throat from the get-go and that is exactly the way we like it. After the mid-tempo opening riff bludgeoning I already mentioned, the listener receives that fistful of metal which can only inspire head-banging with the first Thrash break of relentless fist-fucking occurring at 1:30. Sifringer is back with a vengeance and he will drag your bleeding corpse through the mud till you will only be identified by your dental records. The riff-work is so relentless and furious during the opener “Soul Collector” that one is thrown into manic fury. When the frantic yet melodic soloing hits-euphoria is known. A song of this magnitude can only be followed by a composition as threatening and catchy as “The Defiance Will Remain”. More excellent axe-work and the second catchiest chorus ensure the blood will not stop pumping. These two tracks lay the run-way for the somewhat bloated “Alliance Of Hellhoundz”. Despite the fact these boys are about as eloquent when it comes to the English language as Rob Darken, one cannot speak poorly of this massive collaboration. I held my doubts when I received word of a song featuring Biff from SAXON, Doro, Shagrath of DIMMU BORGIR, SOILWORK’s Speed, Paul Di’Anno, Messiah of CANDLEMASS, DEATH ANGEL’s Mark Osegueda, Peavy from RAGE and the infamous Peter Tägtgren. Yes, that’s a hell of a lot of vocals crammed into one 5 minute track. Skepticism aside, the song fucking slays. It is catchy, the riffs are brutal and numerous and the compositional skill employed complements the various vocalists immensely. This is perhaps the strongest song on the album, competing only with the vicious “Soul Collector” for top prize.


To borrow effective words from the talented Kevin Spacey, “And like that…he was gone…” Something happened in the transition from “Alliance Of Hellhoundz” to “No Mans Land” and I cannot quite place what. The riffs are solid and Schmier sounds great but that furious spark of anger, hate and glory is all but gone. My neck is not severed, my blood vessels have not burst and my head is not banging nearly as furiously as the previous three tracks enticed. This trend follows suite through the next eight compositions. Each and every song offers a handful of decent riffs but nothing which will cause your ear drums to bleed. These German Thrashers seem to find themselves more often than not stuck in this rut which lies just below genius and I am worried that they will never again climb out of it for an entire album.


One of the many facets of this three dimensional release which I am obliged to mention is the experimental nature of the entire outing. “Inventor Of Evil” features several new ideas which would never have found their way onto releases such as “Metal Discharge”. The amassing of vocalists being the most overt notion of this flirtation, we are also given a bit of a jazzy clean guitar in “The Calm Before The Storm” which becomes split viciously with a heavy riff jettisoning over the maelstrom. This serves as an effective intro but ultimately suffers from that which plagues the rest of the album in the fact that you are left craving this massive Thrash break a la “Soul Collector” and it simply never occurs.


“Inventor Of Evil” is another solid DESTRUCTION release and is certainly better than “Metal Discharge” and “All Hell Breaks Loose”. It suffers from a bit of staleness after the initial THRASSHHHHHH ARGGHHHH subsides (the first three tracks) but ultimately one must realize that when this album is on it fucking slays and when it is not it is simply mediocre. (Online February 6, 2006)

Charles Theel

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