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Krokus - Headhunter (10/10) - Switzerland - 1983

Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Arista Records
Playing time: 37:50
Band homepage: Krokus


  1. Headhunter
  2. Eat The Rich
  3. Screaming In The Night
  4. Ready To Burn
  5. Night Wolf
  6. Stayed Awake All Night
  7. Stand And Be Counted
  8. White Din
  9. Russian Winter
Krokus - Headhunter

Feeling like a really punchy Boogie Rock album? “What’s that” some young readers might ask, Simple, banger fodder like AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO, ancient STATUS QUO or KROKUS. And espceially KROKUS’ "Headhunter" album is an ideal way to let the pigs fly.


Crank up the volume, get enough beer for yourself and the compadres and off it goes. The title song, for KROKUS almost Speed Metal-like, kicks your ass halfway into next week, while "Eat The Rich" cracks the whip. That’s the way it is supposed to be, eat, drink and fuck is the motto, the wilder the better. Who doesn’t have a gal/guy/sheep at hand has to do it himself or lets the tears flow during the almost epic ballad "Screaming In The Night". Singer Marc Storace also lets out all emotions. He screams, yells, rages, belches and farts and here and there he even sings, hell yes!


Okay, the middle piece of "Stayed Awake All Night" is a heavy LED ZEPPELIN copy, but who cares? Exactly, nobody! Do you have as much fun as I do, you goddamn motherfuckers? No? Well, then you have the wrong CD, your fault. Would you have “Headhunter” and some drinks, you’d be doing a lot better, definitely!!! What else should I say? Marc Storace is a rough vocal god, Fernando von Arb and Mark Kohler let the axes fly, Chris von Rohr passionately fucks his bass and Steve Pace puts the power into the back.


And I would love to hear a cover version of „Russian Winter“ by ACCEPT or U.D.O.. A must!!! (Online February 7, 2006)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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