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Edge Of Sanity - Cryptic (7,5/10) - Sweden - 1997

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Black Mark
Playing time: 35:29
Band homepage: -


  1. Hell Written
  2. Uncontroll Me
  3. No Destiny
  4. Demon I
  5. Not Of This World
  6. Dead I Walk
  7. Born, Breed, Bleeding
  8. Bleed You Dry
Edge Of Sanity - Cryptic

EDGE OF SANITY should be a well known act for many of our readers here at TMO. A record like “Crimson” should be checked out by everyone who has an interest in music of the more extreme kind. This is regarded as EDGE OF SANITY’s finest moment, though this individual holds “Unorthodox” dearer. That means that everyone should check out “Unorthodox” as well. The mastermind behind EDGE OF SANITY’s music is without doubt Dan Swanö, a talented fucker indeed. The only band I’ve heard him in that I don’t like is NIGHTINGALE and that’s out of like 20 bands. The name EDGE OF SANITY will forever be linked to Dan Swanö; this is probably the reason why many don’t hold “Cryptic” as a proper EDGE OF SANITY release.


EDGE OF SANITY with Dan Swanö could easily be described as Progressive Death Metal, without him the music at display is straight forward Death\Thrash Metal. The man who replaced Dan Swanö on vocals was his former partner in crime Robert Karlsson. Robert Karlsson did vocals in a band called PAN-THY-MONIUM, one of the almost countless bands that Dan Swanö has been playing in. I would like to add that PAN-THY-MONIUM is an easy recommendation for everyone that looks for something different in their (Death) Metal. In my opinion Robert Karlsson does a good job performance, if you like what you are hearing you should check out FACEBREAKER as well. FACEBREAKER has Robert Karlsson on vocals in addition to that they play the same kind of Death\Thrash that EOS performs on “Cryptic”.


I certainly like what I’m hearing, though I have no problems admitting that the best EOS albums are the ones with Dan the Man contributing. “Cryptic” has heavy and dirty guitars, a good vocalist and pounding drums. All of the songs follow the same Death\Thrash formula, a formula that I find enjoyable. “Cryptic” is a record that goes very well along with a couple of cold beers and some head banging friends. I like complex music like CRYPTOPSY, GORGUTS, MESHUGGAH or THEORY IN PRACTICE, but I also enjoy no-brainers like “Cryptic”.


My personal favourites on “Cryptic” are “Uncontroll Me” and “Demon I”. As I said before none of songs differs much from each other but these two has the little extra according to my brain. For those who expected another Progressive Death Metal classic I can see why “Cryptic” came as a disappointment, but if you are looking for some straight forward Death\Thrash then I have no problems recommending “Cryptic”. (Online February 7, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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