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Primordial - Imrama (9,5/10) - Ireland - 1995

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 45:51
Band homepage: Primordial


  1. Fuil Arsa
  2. Infernal Summer
  3. Here I Am The King
  4. The Darkest Flame
  5. The Fires
  6. Mealtach
  7. The The Sun Set On Life Forever
  8. To The Ends Of The Earth
  9. Beneath A Bronze Sky
  10. Awaiting The Dawn
Primordial - Imrama

PRIMORDIAL are truly one of the most magnificent, original, talented and amazing bands to come from this my beloved emerald isle. As with fellow countrymen WAYLANDER and GEASA they can do no wrong and everything I hear is almost perfect.

This their debut-release "Imrama", it is my personal favourite for its "Black" nature which is more predominant than in all releases following this one. PRIMORDIAL's musical classification would be something like Celtic Pagan Folk Black Metal, a bit of a mouthful. This album is their most Black release yet still managing to fit the others in (well Pagan and Black go hand in hand anyway).

"Infernal Summer" is a great track to demonstrate some great variation to their style as it starts of very Black with an almost DARKTHRONE-edge to it yet the clean vocals add a new dimension and make things much more interesting and dynamic. The range in their work is more clearly highlighted with the track "Beneath A Bronze Sky", which is entirely Folk and has a great sounding bodhrán. The use of acoustics and electrics to accompany the vocal styles is comparable to OPETH only in a much more subtle and less complex way. This adds to the originality of the Black Metal that PRIMORDIAL have composed.

The simple melodies help to create that straightforward Black atmosphere of coolness, but there are enough twists and changes to keep everyone happy, especially those who don't generally like Black Metal (trust me you will like PRIMORDIAL). All instruments are executed well and the vocals are great sounding like LORD BELIAL, only much better, with a hint of MAYHEM and MARDUK in there for good measure.

Personally I feel that this is a release everyone should at least listen to. As with CRUACHAN, WAYLANDER and GEASA PRIMORDIAL must be heard before you decide as they do not conform to the boundaries of any genre. My advice try before you buy, but for me its a definite and worthy addition to my ever expanding CD-collection.

Niall Kennedy

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