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Nidingr - Sorrow Infinite And Darkness (8/10) - Norway - 2005

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Dark Essence Records
Playing time: 39:01
Band homepage: Nidingr


  1. Child Of Silence
  2. Sorrow Infinite And Darkness
  3. The Watch-Towers Of The Universe
  5. Righteousness In Beauty
  6. Death And Victory
  7. Come Away
  8. Mystery Of Toil
  9. Rejoice
  10. Upon This Unprofitable Throne
Nidingr - Sorrow Infinite And Darkness

I carted “Sorrow Infinite And Darkness” around for days without knowing whom I was listening to. After conducting research, because I suck at deciphering even the most intelligible of metal logos, I found out I had been absorbing the shrillness of NIDINGR. It appears they’ve existed since 1992, but are just now releasing a full-length record. Perhaps that’s both understandable and forgivable, though, with Teloch (guitars) pulling triple-duty in ORCUSTUS, GORGOROTH and the obvious.


There’s a lot going within “Sorrow Infinite And Darkness.” At times, NIDINGR emulate the symphonic side of Black Metal a la early DIMMU BORGIR, mostly due to the inclusion of keyboards, except when they’re involved in TRAIL OF TEARS-like ambience. More often than not, the tempos travel at the speed of light, conjuring an artist such as CRIMSON MOONLIGHT, while Grasa’s gravel-ridden throat barks the lyrics. Ever heard THE AMENTA? If you have, then you get the basic idea. On the whole, “Sorrow Infinite And Darkness” lasts for almost forty minutes and offers plenty of three, four and five minutes tracks awash in varying styles of Black Metal. Likewise, the songs’ paces change just as much as the weather, so it’s not as if the band hammered out ten similar tunes and called it a day.


I’m thinking that NIDINGR will, unfortunately, slip under the radar. “Sorrow Infinite And Darkness” brandishes enough differentiation to appeal to a wide audience and these blokes do indeed deserve more recognition than Teloch’s other obligations. But, hopefully, those seeking TAAKE’s labelmates and extra material from the ranks of GORGOROTH will investigate this disc. Needless to say, it’s a great debut overall and is refreshing to boot. (Online February 9, 2006)

Jason Jordan

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