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Necrotic Flesh - Postmortem Pleasures (5/10) - Austria - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: MDD
Playing time: 25:31
Band homepage: Necrotic Flesh


  1. Postmortem Pleasures (Intro)
  2. Prenatal Decomposed
  3. Necrotic Flesh
  4. Coprophagist >mp3
  5. Postmortem Self-Digestion >mp3
  6. Suffer From A Very Slow Amputation >mp3
  7. Sperm And Blood
  8. Bestiality
Necrotic Flesh - Postmortem Pleasures

It doesn’t seem likely that we who are listening to Death Metal will have a shortage in releases anytime soon. Since I started writing for TMO I have been introduced to a whole lot of Death Metal bands, NECROTIC FLESH is yet another one. NECROTIC FLESH performs Death Metal that’s light on blast beats and technicality, think early CANNIBAL CORPSE, GRAVE and UNLEASHED. I enjoy all the aforementioned bands but that doesn’t mean that I find “Postmortem Pleasures” to be particularly satisfying.


The record starts out with one of those oh so common Death Metal intros; eerie sounds with the mandatory girl scream. It’s evident from the start that this release isn’t trying to do anything new. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, good song writing is more important than originality to me. But when clichés are coupled with mediocre songs my problems start. Sure there are good riffs here and there, but none of the songs sticks to my mind like “Skull Full Of Maggots” does. For those unfamiliar with “Skull Full Of Maggots” I can inform you that the song is found on the debut album of CANNIBAL CORPSE.


Not only do I have problems with the actual songs, the production also leaves something to be desired. When playing Death Metal it’s essential to get a good guitar sound, the guitar sound on “Postmortem Pleasures” isn’t heavy enough in my ears. Besides from the under achieving guitars I have to say that the production isn’t all that bad, but a guitar that doesn’t sound right nullifies the other things done right.


For those who crave mid-tempo Death Metal and can’t stand too much blast beats I guess there is something to like here. I just think that there are other bands doing the so called Old School Death Metal way better. GOD AMONG INSECTS, KAAMOS, BOLT THROWER, PAGANIZER and RIBSPREADER, among others, should be checked out before you take a listen to NECROTIC FLESH. (Online February 9, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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