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Dead Head - Haatland (9/10) - Netherlands - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: GMR Music
Playing time: 42:23
Band homepage: Dead Head


  1. Faust II
  2. Montana >mp3
  3. Phantom Palace
  4. Supreme Forgery
  5. Last Server Down
  6. Serial Divorce
  7. Mesfeken >mp3
  8. Dog God
  9. Desire
  10. Nosferatu
Dead Head - Haatland

With their fourth album "Haatland" Holland’s godfathers of Thrash, DEAD HEAD, should score with any old school Thrasher. For the fact that the four musicians are not the youngest anymore, they managed to conserve the wild freshness of their early days and what the band unleashes here is more than remarkable.


With "Faust II" they set out as if there was no tomorrow. Fast as hell, laced with several hectic breaks and a hysteric singer it evokes memories of SADUS’ “Swallowed In Black”. A bit slower, “Montana” still takes a stab at your sanity. Overall I must say that the band perfectly understands how to bring variety to their songs and let each and every single song drill into your brain, without boring you in the least. “Haatland” will still continue to blast through my hearing tracts for years to come, so much is for sure. Especially what the two guitarists show off here is truly incredible, but drums and bass also deliver more than just solid rhythm work.


KREATOR always had been a big influence on DEAD HEAD and “Haatland” is no difference to this, especially the "Extreme Aggression/Coma Of Souls" albums. I could describe every single song, but I won’t, I’d rather hand out a big recommendation, especially as the production by Jacob Hansen (INVOCATOR) is very powerful as well. (Online February 12, 2006)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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