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Right Direction - To Right The Wrong (8/10) - Netherlands - 1998

Genre: Hardcore
Label: King Fisher
Playing time: 30:52
Band homepage: -


  1. You're The Enemy
  2. Army Of Fools
  3. Same Old, Same Old
  4. The World Downfall
  5. What A Day That Was
  6. Spoke In A Wheel
  7. We Play For You
  8. Live To Regret
  9. I Would Have Done The Same
  10. The Skull's Got No Tongue
  11. I Wanna Be Somebody
  12. There Ain't Nobody Leavin
Right Direction - To Right The Wrong
Honestly, I'm not the biggest Hardcore/Punk-fan underneath the sun. But old veterans like DEAD KENNEDYS, THE EXPLOITED, CRUMBSUCKERS, AGNOSTIC FRONT, RAW POWER or DRI are finding their way into my player every now and then. But the whole modern stuff is completely passing my ass.

I bought this CD in the sales-box for 1,30 Euros and contrary to the other Core-CDs I got, this one is really cool! This album is damn old, from 1998. RIGHT DIRECTION are Dutch and are handing out half an hour of best-mood-stuff at its best. They orient themselves on the old school and sound like a bastard from CRUMBSUCKERS, EXPLOITED und SUICIDAL TENDENCIES.

That the humour doesn't come short, makes the whole thing even more entertaining. They are speeding through half an hour of Yankee-Hardcore with fat Metal-riffs with vigour and humour! Here thrashy, there groovy, then a little nasty, but always with much power and nicely rough vocals, which remind me of the frontman of the CRUMBSUCKERS (now PRO-PAIN). Unfortunately I just don't know his name anymore!

Listen to the super-sick cover-version of WASP's "I Wanna Be Somebody", just cool! The powerful production also is worth mentioning.

Ralf Henn

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