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Rising Moon - ...For The Remained Time (4/10) - Italy - 2001/2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Fortress Entertainment
Playing time: 55:05
Band homepage: Rising Moon


  1. Dialoque 99
  2. Human Destroy >mp3
  3. Paranoiac Walk
  4. ...For The Remained Time
  5. Deep Circle
  6. Mr. Design
  7. Something Is About To Happen
  8. Soundblair
  9. Micro-Fitting
  10. Yellow Dissonance
  11. Alaska Experiment
  12. Hate From Heaven
Rising Moon - ...For The Remained Time

This album already existed 2003 as demo version but now it’s officially released by Metal Fortress. RISINGMOON come from Italy and play Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal. Their spectre reaches from rougher stuff like DISMEMBER to more melodic acts like DARK TRANQUILLITY. The DISMEMBER comparison is mainly drawn due to the vocals of singer Angelo, who forms a duo with his fellow Carmine on RISINGMOON.


Unfortunately, the twelve songs on this album are just of an average quality and can never keep up with the works of aforementioned bands. They have some decent moments like in “Something Is About To Happen” and “Paranoiac Walk”, but as a whole, the Italians can’t really convince. They aren’t bad at all, but the music isn’t overwhelming. None of the songs keeps in ones mind or has certain catchiness. Another negative aspect is the poor sound. The sound is somewhat resonant and the instruments are strangely mixed, so it’s not really fun to listen to this. The musicians themselves can decently handle their instruments but a real band with more than two members would probably have created some more interesting compositions and most of all, they would have more ideas.


I can’t recommend this album, because there’s not much recommending on it. They just need some refreshing ideas and more of an own identity. As said before, the songs are not new, so I can just hope that the two Italians have developed since then and that they can offer us some more matured stuff in the future. “…For The Remained Time” is only something for collectors or Death Metal fans, who want to have everything.


Check out tips: “Something Is About To Happen”… (Online February 12, 2006)

Patrick Weiler

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