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Speedy Gonzales - Electric Stalker (9/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Melodic Rock
Label: Metal Heaven
Playing time: 48:20
Band homepage: -


  1. Flash Of The Blade
  2. Desires Of The Flesh
  3. Electric Stalker
  4. Do You Know Where The Kids Go
  5. Free Like An Eagle
  6. Men With Medals
  7. Dominator
  8. Spit In The Hand That Feeds You
  9. Make Love In Red
  10. Shock The Nation
  11. Trial By Fire
  12. Lust And Desire
Speedy Gonzales - Electric Stalker

Forgoing the history lesson, for now, on one of Sweden’s long forgotten secrets SPEEDY GONZALES serve up an almost perfect blend of driving chorus-ridden Melodic Rock whilst treading a Metal line with deft aplomb. The opening pair of ‘’Flash Of The Blade’’ and ‘’Desires Of The Flesh’’ lay down the template for smouldering riffs and soaring vocals. Then comes the Metal. The title track being as about as fair a representation as JUDAS PRIEST this side of PRIMAL FEAR as you’ll get.


Formed as far back as 1990 by vocalist Thomas Vikström and assisted by six-stringer Tommy Denander SPEEDY GONZALES is the band that pack an almighty Rock punch. This album contains re-workings of eight previous recorded demos plus four new songs and devotees of classy Melodic Rock will be salivating over this one.


The initial burst of quality is supported by the likes of ‘’Free Like An Eagle’’ and the big JOURNEY-esque Power ballad of ‘’Men With Medals’’. Then along comes ‘’Dominator’’ showing that even Melodic Rock bands can strip paint from walls when the moment takes them.


SPEEDY GONZALES has a range of songs that sit at home in a cosy club or in a soccer stadium playing to thousands. This is a first class release and really has been worth the fifteen year wait. And guess what I didn’t even mention a diminutive Mexican mouse once… (Online February 14, 2006)

Chris Doran

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