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Carpet Knights, The - Lost And So Strange Is My Mind (7/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Transubstans Records
Playing time: 48:33
Band homepage: Carpet Knights, The


  1. All Be The Same >mp3
  2. No Space To Spare
  3. Zonked
  4. The Mist >mp3
  5. Fools And Silent Callers
  6. Sad Soul
  7. Feel It
  8. Dab Nekan
  9. Last Of Many
Carpet Knights, The - Lost And So Strange Is My Mind

Forming in 1998, Sweden's THE CARPET KNIGHTS have finally had the opportunity to release their full-length debut and it comes in the form of "Lost And So Strange Is My Mind." The band puts forth nine tracks of smooth, chilled-out Progressive Rock, with noticeable influences from JETHRO TULL and even some of the late 60's Garage Rock bands.


The band's sound is mostly made up of electric, but not overly-distorted guitars, flute (remember that JETHRO TULL influence?) and a jazzy rhythm section. The vocals remind a bit of Josh Homme (QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE), ever mellow and almost a bit indifferent. Psychedelic flourishes abound, with strange guitar effects and background noises creeping up very frequently.


Those of you into the sounds mentioned above will find an interesting, yet not mind-blowing record here, but Metalheads might find "Lost And So Strange Is My Mind" a little stale. The record floats by, passive and restrained, never really breaking out and grabbing you. It just never really peaks, instead opting to spend its playing time flying just below the radar. A neat chill-out record, but not much to come back to. (Online February 14, 2006)

Wesley D. Cray

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