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Brume D'Automne - Fiers Et Victorieux (7/10) - Canada - 2005

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Winter Forest Productions
Playing time: 52:04
Band homepage: Brume D'Automne


  1. La Mort D'un Patriote
  2. Le Sacrifice Des Guerriers Paysans
  3. La Forêt Est Leur Tombe
  4. Traditionnelle I
  5. Notre Héritage
  6. Le Combat De Nos Pères
  7. Traditionnelle II
  8. Le Visage De La Haine
  9. Fiers Et Victorieux
  10. Quand Les Morts S'Agitent
  11. Traditionnelle III
Brume D'Automne - Fiers Et Victorieux

“Québec Black Metal“ is almost the first thing you see, when you visit the BRUME D’AUTOMNE homepage, above a Québec flag, a pretty clear sign that the duo Nordet and Athros take their home seriously and do not have too much respect for Canada as a whole. “Fiers Et Victorieux“ (“Proud And Victorious”) is the first full album of the Québecois and Black Metal it is.


It is extremely hard to find out anything about the past of the band, other than that the two musicians are/have been part of the bands/projects NORDMEN, BLUTSKRIEG, WINTERWITCH and TEUTATES and BRUME D’AUTOMNE (“Fog Of Autumn“) were founded in 2003. Altogether the Black Metal of the band has a certain almost archaic atmosphere, which is raw and cold, but at the same time is threaded by very good melodies, which gives the album a quite own feeling, which is very hard to put into words.


At times they incorporate folky elements, such as flute, violin or wooden spoons (no joke), which surfaces mostly in the three traditional pieces. Other than that pretty raw Black Metal darkens the sun, with the almost as traditional treble-y production and the rough vocals, which have an own touch through the French language, even though you can hardly decipher them in the hate-filled screams, but they definitely do the trick. Now this is a style that I only very rarely feel attracted to, so I can’t really draw any comparisons, but every now and then it happens that an album in a style I normally do not like appeals to me and for some irrational reason “Fiers Et Victorieux” is one of them.


The oppressive atmosphere of a “La Forêt Est Leur Tombe“ (“The Forest Is Their Grave“), the hymnic touch of “Notre Héritage“ („Our Heritage“) or “La Visage De La Haine“ (“The Face Of Hate“) have a burning passion that you can feel through the music. Add to this the traditionally instrumented and, if needed, cleanly sung songs and you have an album that is more than just the music, but also a message about the pride of the past. I have talked to Athros a long time and this kind of national pride shall not be confused with nationalism in the sense of racism.


“Fiers Et Victorieux“ is the statement of a band that does what it does with heart and passion and does not calculate, which is worth something, isn’t it? Fans of the rawer kind of Black Metal can add one or one and a half points. (Online February 15, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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