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More about Ilium

Country of origin: Australia
Founded: 1998 (under Iliad)
Status: Active
Official homepage: Ilium

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Band History - Ilium (Online Feb 2006)


ILIUM (originally ILIAD) began in 1998 when former ORACLE band mates Jason Hodges (guitar) and Mark Snedden (vocals) decided to form a new band. They enlisted former ORACLE members Kris Arendse (guitar) and Michael Noonan (bass) and commenced rehearsing for a possible demo. Drummer David Pearson was brought into the fold, but the resulting demo was never finished. With David Pearson and his successor Glenn Rimer, both exiting the band, the four remaining members set about recording their debut self-titled EP with the assistance of Lord Tim of DUNGEON fame and the ever reliable Roland. Partway through the recording, Michael left and Adam finished the bass duties. Another former ORACLE bassist Matthew Woodland was recruited and credited on the EP, but left shortly afterward for family reasons.


Including a cover of the FLEETWOOD MAC/JUDAS PRIEST classic “The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)”, the EP received rave reviews and led to their signing with Italian label Adrenaline/Steelheart for their debut “Sirens Of The Styx”. Again with Lord Tim at the helm, his band mate Steve “Stevo” Moore was recruited to play drums on the album which contained such powerful Melodic Metal classics as “Antigone”, “The Celestial Sphere” and “Incipience: Beowulf Defeats Grendel”. Before the album’s release, bassist Peter Gilchrist and drummer David Walmsley were recruited.


The group’s second album “Permian Dusk” began pre-production almost immediately, but with just a week before the group were destined to record, vocalist Mark Snedden left. A quick phone call had Lord Tim filling in the vacant vocalist position. With the drums for the final album as well as the entire demo version finished, both Dave and Pete left the group, but returned before the album was released (David appears on the finished product, but Peter does not, with Adam again handling the bass and keyboard duties). Though Dave again left shortly afterward, Pete stayed on with his son Corey filling in on keyboards.


Tragedy struck, however, shortly before the album’s release when Corey was struck by a train. Fortunate to survive, he lost his foot and shortly afterward Pete and Corey were forced to exit from the band to concentrate on Corey’s recovery.


“Permian Dusk” eventually hit the shops and received outstanding reviews, including a 9.5/10 in Germany’s Rock Hard!, Wolfram Kueper stating that it was the best Power Metal album of 2005. Containing such instantly memorable gems as “Chloroform Divinity”, “An Odyssey Through Time”, Vacuous”, “Permian Dusk” and “All Control Lost” the band are slowly reaching the wider Metal audience and will hopefully gain even broader recognition with the release of their third album “Vespertilion” which is currently in production and features drumming dynamo Tim Yatras (also of DUNGEON/LORD FAME).

Current Line-Up:

Jason Hodges - Guitar (ex-ORACLE)

Adam Smith - Guitar, Bass & Keyboards (ex-ORACLE)

Lord Tim - Vocals (also in DUNGEON, LORD)

Tim Yatras - Drums (also in DUNGEON, LORD)

Previous members:

Mark Snedden – Vocals (on “Ilium” & “Sirens Of The Styx”)

Kris Arendse - Guitars

Michael Noonan - Bass (on “Ilium”)

Peter Gilchrist - Bass

David Pearson - Drums

David Walmsley - Drums

Glenn Rimer - Drums

Corey Gilchrist - Keyboards

Matthew Woodland - Bass (on “Ilium”)

Steve Moore - Drums (on “Sirens Of The Styx”)

Roland - Drums (on “Ilium”)


Permian Dusk

Jason Hodges - Guitar

Adam Smith - Guitar, Bass & Keyboards

Lord Tim - Vocals

David Walmsley - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review
2005 "Permian Dusk" - Steelheart

Total playing time: 56:40
  1. Vacuous
  2. An Odyssey Through Time
  3. Chloroform Divinity
  4. Permian Dusk
  5. Jaundiced With Fear
  6. Dark Breed
  7. Subconscious Reality
  8. Zeroid - Mechanical Pestilence
  9. All Control Lost
  10. Zygo-Maze

Sirens Of The Styx

Mark Snedden – Vocals

Jason Hodges – Guitar

Adam Smith – Guitar, Bass & Keyboards

Steve Moore – Drums

Lord Tim – Backing Vocals

"The Metal Observer" Review
"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Sirens Of The Styx" - Steelheart

Total playing time: 65:02
  1. Antigone
  2. Embrace The Myth
  3. Solitary Empires
  4. Half-Life
  5. Semblance
  6. Incipience: Beowulf Defeats Grendel >mp3
  7. The Celestial Sphere
  8. Quoth The Raven
  9. Tombsouls
  10. Sirens Of The Styx

Ilium (EP)

Mark Snedden – Vocals

Jason Hodges – Guitar

Adam Smith – Guitar, Bass & Keyboards

Michael Noonan – Bass

Roland – Drums

Lord Tim – Backing Vocals

2002 "Ilium (EP)" - Independent

Total playing time: 22:47
  1. Half-Life
  2. Semblance
  3. Antigone
  4. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)


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