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Putrefy - s/t (7/10) - Northern Ireland - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Redrum Records
Playing time: 42:30
Band homepage: Putrefy


  1. Cannibal Holocaust
  2. Lust So Vile >mp3
  3. Mutilated Slutfuck
  4. Drowned In Concrete
  5. 12-Gauge Facelift
  6. Putrefied Lust
  7. Hung By The Tongue
  8. Pig Fucker
  9. Tits, Clits And Hacked Off Bits
  10. Intestinal Vomit
  11. Pleasures (With A Pick-Axe)
  12. Excrement Eating Frenzy
  13. Putrefy >mp3
Putrefy - s/t

Northern Ireland’s premier exports of guts and gore have finally unleashed their first full-length album. This self-titled effort from PUTREFY picks up exactly where the 2004 promo left off. Indeed, containing few songs not previously released the album seems to be as much about exporting their already good material in a better recorded, more effectively delivered form.


Tracks like “Mutilated Slutfuck” and “12 Gauge Facelift” remain effective cuts of Brutal Death Metal, but I have to question whether or not it was really worth it. The recording, while better than that of the unreleased 2003 sessions and of the “Lust so Vile” MCD, is still not fully effective in creating the perfect sound that PUTREFY needs to really be fully felt.


The guitars are scooped and muddy, but retain an air of Gothenburg in the general messy effect. They are sufficiently heavy and laden with more than enough bass to allow the sludge and mid-tempo riffs to leave nought but utter devastation in their wake. However, it’s the drums that are the biggest disappointment. The production leaves them flat and oddly dull, a great shame when you consider that Jason’s magnificent skin work is possibly the key thing that keeps PUTREFY firmly above average in such a crowded genre.


The vocals and the “new” tracks are then the key elements for justifying the existence of this album at all. Vocally is easily where the biggest improvement has been made [another shame then that they are currently looking for a new vocalist!] as the various “harmonized” ultra-guttural belches are just the epitome of sickness. Moreover, the new material, particularly the eponymous “Putrefy,” shows a marked improvement over the “Lust So Vile” material whilst maintaining all of the necessary PUTREFY characteristics. The dynamics and variation are still there, as are the superbly crushing sludge ridden sections, the grooves and the refreshingly tasteful use of the blast beat.


Yes it’s a good album, but I still can’t find that 3 new tracks justify the purchase of this album if you already have “Lust So Vile.” Still, the direction and superiority of tracks like “Putrefy” makes me long to hear the future output from the band. (Online February 16, 2006)

Niall Kennedy

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