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Decapitated - Nihility (8,5/10) - Poland - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Earache
Playing time: 35:05
Band homepage: Decapitated


  1. Perfect Dehuminasation (The Answer?)
  2. Eternity Too Short
  3. Mother War
  4. Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)
  5. Names
  6. Spheres Of Madness
  7. Babylon's Pride
  8. Symmetry Of Zero
Decapitated - Nihility
When is someone old enough to make good music? Judging from the band DECAPITATED, it doesn't even have to in your twenties…

There we are, 2002, with the age of the Polish Death Metal band DECAPITATED averaging 20 years, while this is not even their first release, which came in 1998. Of course, age doesn't say a thing about the quality, but generally bands need to get some experience before producing some decent material.

DECAPITATED does have some good influences from their home country, as BEHEMOTH and VADER have been hammering their way in Metal for a while now. So it's not surprising that this young band also delivers a similar brand of Metal to us. Brutal Death Metal, yet DECAPITATED seems to be a little bit more technical, more towards VADER than BEHEMOTH style-wise. It's always kinda unfair to compare a young band to a band that has made quite a name for themselves, but in this case it's more of a compliment.

The skills of these 4 young musicians are remarkable. The grunts are excellent, drumming is good, but the guitar work is downright phenomenal!! Like previously mentioned, very technical riffs with lots of breaks and tempo changes, good solos, everything that's required for very good Death Metal. Some outstanding tracks on "Nihility" are "Perfect Dehuminisation", "Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)", "Names" and "Spheres Of Madness". Too bad this record is fairly short, a common side-effect with good Brutal Metal-records.

Anyway, this whole albums breathes potential, it's amazing how this band manages to deliver a great piece of Death Metal, and any fan of VADER or just plain good Death Metal should try to add this to the collection!

In conclusion: the youth is the future (says someone that's actually only 1 year older than the members in the band). I'd be very surprised if DECAPITATED wouldn't make it big, and "Nihility" is a big step in that direction!! Znakomita praca, DECAPITATED !!!

Vincent Portegijs

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