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Pitch Black - Thrash Killing Machine (7,5/10) - Portugal - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Recital Records
Playing time: 33:33
Band homepage: Pitch Black


  1. Disturbing The Peace >mp3
  2. Break Point
  3. Beheaded
  4. Divine Not Human
  5. Lost In Words
  6. Standards Of Perfection >mp3
  7. SuffocHate
  8. Pitch Black >mp3
  9. New Life…
  10. …New Breed
Pitch Black - Thrash Killing Machine

Here we go again, yet another band I haven’t heard one single word about. PITCH BLACK is a Portuguese band performing Thrash Metal, not many of those around. Not that I’ve heard of at least. It has taken this band nine long years to release the album I’m listening to right now. if they were Swedish I’m quite sure it wouldn’t been this hard to nail a record deal. We Metal heads like to think that our Metal is free from trends, but that isn’t even close to the truth. Let’s say that a good band without any known members are looking for a record deal and that they are competing against a band of similar character who has, let’s say Dan Swanö in their band. I’m quiet sure that the record label would have chosen the band that had Dan Swanö in it. That way they could put a sticker on the album telling us buyers that this is somewhat of a super group. I have no problems understanding that labels do it this way; a great number of labels are made to earn money. Maybe the sign of a truly dedicated label owner is the one who robs a bank to ensure that he doesn’t need to earn any money on what he is releasing.


“Thrash Killing Machine” starts out very strong with “Disturbing The Peace”, my favourite song of the album. The main riff in this song is nothing short of great. They also throw in a very good solo, this is Thrash Metal the way I like it. PITCH BLACK doesn’t play modern Thrash Metal like HATESPHERE and DARKANE does (I’m the kind of guy who tells you which ways your not supposed to drive when you are asking for directions). This is old school aggressive Thrash, think SLAYER, SEPULTURA and THE HAUNTED. If you like any of the bands I mentioned I think it would be wise of you to check out PITCH BLACK as well. Just don’t accuse me of saying that PITCH BLACK sounds exactly like any of those bands.


The sound of PITCH BLACK, production wise, sounds like something from out of the 80’s. I really like the way “Thrash Killing Machine” sounds; an 80’s production done right is nothing to laugh about. The worst part of “Thrash Killing Machine” is the cover art; I don’t think that cover will help the band sell many CD’s. I must say that I prefer bad cover/good music than the other way around; I’ll use HIDDEN HORNS as an example here. The Thrash Metal found on “Thrash Killing Machine” goes fast for the most part of the album, though they drag the tempo down against the end. Fortunately they play very good Thrash Metal whether they play slow or fast. Slow doesn’t mean that there is anything here that reminds even remotely of a ballad.


I’m not the one who listens to Thrash Metal the most; you should have that in mind when I say that this is some of the best Thrash I’ve heard in a long time. Definitely better than what SLAYER releases nowadays, though not close to what the same band delivered in the middle of their career. There is no reason to talk about METALLICA as they long ago snorted their talent away in cocaine. (Online February 17, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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