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Jeremy Sanchez

Name: Jeremy Sanchez

Email address: jeremy (at)

Function: Reviewer

Compatible styles: Death, Black, Goth, Doom, Thrash, Power, Progressive, etc..

Incompatible styles: Emo (!!!!!!), Alternative, Grunge, Gore,

Thoughts on the main Metal genres:

Black Metal: My favourite style of Metal, but mostly the symphonic stuff like CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR, GRAVEWORM, etc. I’m not too crazy about the old school traditional stuff though because to me it all sounds the same. I do however love CARPATHIAN FOREST. Oh and I love the Nordic stuff like CATAMENIA.

Death Metal: Death Metal is alright, but it has to have some flare to it. I’m not too fond of the bands that only play music about dismemberment and guts flying all over the place. I love bands like OPETH (my favourite band). PATHS OF POSSESSION, IN FLAMES, KATATONIA (old), DARK TRANQUILLITY, etc.

Thrash Metal: I love Thrash Metal because of bands like SLAYER, CARNAL FORGE, SODOM and especially KREATOR. I like the newer stuff though. Old Thrash can be very noisy sometimes. I may be the only person who didn’t entirely like “Reign In Blood” by SLAYER.

Power Metal: I love it! Fast ass drumming with crazy solos and those amazing high-pitched vocals. It's the kind of thing you need after a hard day’s work to feel happy again. Especially with bands like HELLOWEEN and HAMMERFALL on board.

Progressive Metal: Progressive Metal is a very intelligent genre of Metal. Ranging from fast to slow complicated guitar solos when the songs are sometimes 30 minutes long, it’s just insane. I love DREAM THEATER.

Doom Metal: Ehh. Depends… I like CANDLEMASS and CATHEDRAL… Not much more.

Gothic Metal: SIRENIA, TRISTANIA, ENSOPH, etc.. I love gothic metal because it always has such emotion to it and the songs really grip you.

Melodic/Heavy Metal: See Power Metal.

Nicknames: Jeremy Christ (Insider with my girlfriend).

Time at TMO: January 21’st, 2006

How came to TMO: I sent in a review and they liked it:)

The best thing as a TMO writer: Giving my opinion… I’m a very opinionated person.

The worst thing as a TMO writer: I don’t know yet.

Reviews 18
Underground 2
Interviews 0
Live reviews 0
Articles 0
Specials 0

Reviewing methods: I usually put the CD in my CD player and put the headphones on and turn the volume up full blast to get the full effect. I listen to the CD a few times and then I just open up good old Microsoft Word and type away… With the CD still playing of course.


Birthday: March 18, 1990

Birth town: Laval, Québec, Canada

Present location: Laval, Québec, Canada

Job: TMO Reviewer duh. lol

Languages: English and kindergarten-style French.

Hobbies: Music (duh), Being with my beautiful girlfriend, Chillin’ with friends. Singing…

Pet peeves: Emo kids and emo music. I just really hate emo.

Phobia(s): Nuns, thanks to a really bad nightmare I had when I was a little kid.

I, about myself: I’m basically a 16 year old teenager with high hopes and dreams about being famous one day. I have a girlfriend that I’ve been with over a year and I get poor grades in school. Music plays a huge part in my life.

Describe yourself in 5 words: I am a freaking Metalhead.

Funny childhood story: I once fell down.


How I came into Heavy Metal: I’m not entirely sure, I’ve been listening to it ever since I can remember.

First Metal CD ever bought: I can proudly say it was “Nymphetamine” by CRADLE OF FILTH.

Most embarrassing CD in your collection: Let me check… The Used.


What did Metal teach me about life: To headbang. But I can’t do it anymore because of an injury I acquired at OPETH’s concert.

Favourite music listening place and why? When I’m riding the bus.

Most prized Metal possession? All my CD’s, flags, posters, shirts, sweaters, DVDs, etc.


Band & previous band experiences: I was with a band called SAGE SANITY a few months back (I know, a cheesy name, but it was already picked when I joined). I was the singer. We did basic Alternative Rock. It wasn’t too exciting. I’m no longer with them. And soon I’m starting a Death Metal project with some different friends. We’re gonna be sort of a mix of CANNIBAL CORPSE and MUDVAYNE.

Instrumental talents: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards



Sound you’d like to have banned: Gore Metal or Emo. Preferably Emo.

Most overrated bands: Anything that gets radio airplay.

Most underrated bands: I’m not sure.

Most influential band: OPETH.

Favourite musician: Michael Akerfeldt.

Favourite album cover: OPETH – Still Life

10 favourite albums:


Kreator – Enemy Of God

Amazing. Simply their best album ever


Opeth – Morningrise

A masterpiece of Progressive Death Metal


Himsa – Hail Horror

It’s a brutal piece of chaos


Agalloch – The Mantle

Beautifully written and very moving


Estatic Fear – A Sombre Dance



Cradle Of Filth – Damnation And A Day

Heavy as all Hell and tells a powerful story


Dimmu Borgir – Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia

Quite possibly the greatest Black Metal album ever!


Immortal – Beyond The North Waves

IMMORTAL…. That’s all I need to say


Judas Priest – Painkiller

I may be obsessed with the more extreme types of Metal but JUDAS PRIEST are Metal Gods!


Catamenia – Winternight Tragedies

Nordic goodness!!!


Favourite films: Donnie Darko, Freddy VS Jason, The Matrix Reloaded

Favourite books: The Invisible Man

Favourite food: Anything fast

Favourite drink: Pepsi. I don’t drink alcohol.

Favourite smokes: I don’t smoke.

Which song should be played at your funeral? “Our Farewell” by WITHIN TEMPTATION. That song holds a very special meaning to me.

Idol (s): Anybody related with Metal who isn’t a prick.

Person you‘d like to meet: Anybody related with Metal who isn’t a prick.

Catchphrase: Accept the Pain… It’s worth it.

Biggest thrill in life (so far): Seeing OPETH and NEVERMORE in concert at the same time.

Goal in life: To make it in a Metal band.

Secret: I do what I do and I don’t let assholes stop me. I’m also straight-edge, but minus the emo.

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