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Lock Up - Hate Breeds Suffering (8/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 29:46
Band homepage: Lock Up


  1. Feeding On The Opiate
  2. Castrate The Wreckage
  3. Violent Resprisal
  4. Detestation
  5. Retrogression
  6. Slaughterous Ways
  7. Dead Seas Scroll Deception
  8. Hate Breeds Suffering
  9. Catharsis
  10. The Jesus Virus
  11. Broken World
  12. Horns Of Venus
  13. High Tide In A Sea Of Blood
  14. Cascade Leviathan
  15. Fake Somebody/ Real Nobody
  16. The Sixth Extinction
Lock Up - Hate Breeds Suffering
What do you get when you throw members of NAPALM DEATH, DIMMU BORGIR and THE CROWN/ ex-AT THE GATES in the blender? A mess ?….WRONG ANSWER. The result is LOCK UP. Anders Lindberg (formerly AT THE GATES, now THE CROWN on vocals), Nick Barker (DIMMU BORGIR, drums), Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH, guitars) and Jesse Pintado (NAPALM DEATH, bass) come together for 2 weeks once every time and create a new record, in this case the second album "Hate Breeds Suffering". This time, Lindberg has taken over the vocal duties from Peter Tägtgren, and though Peter is a good vocalist, Lindberg is just plain awesome!! The others can all be considered as giants in the genre as well.

Like I mentioned before, it took an incredible 2 weeks to record the material for this album, which is a huge improvement from the 2 days that "Pleasures Pave Sewers" required. But hey, if it leads to good results I don't care if it takes 2 months or 2 weeks, as long as it sounds good. And hell yeah, there's quite an improvement on this new CD compared to the debut.

Well, get your hands away from your face and prepare to be punched in the face by "Hate Breeds Suffering". Straightforward Death Metal, and a whopping total of 16 tracks, meaning an average of about 2 minutes per song. What you get is the ideal CD to ventilate aggression, no bullshit, no remorse!!

Check out "Detestation", "Slaughterous Ways", "Hate Breeds Suffering", "The Jesus Virus" and "Cascade Leviathan", though the tracks go by so fast it's hard to notice the different tracks. Sometimes it says more about a record to mention bad tracks… and I couldn't find those on "Hate Breeds Suffering". The replay value is probably on the low side, but some albums are most effective when only played once in a while.

So overall I'd say that 2002 is another good album richer, very welcome for the need-to-blast-Metal hours!!

Vincent Portegijs

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