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Face Down - The Will To Power (5/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Black Lodge
Playing time: 41:25
Band homepage: Face Down


  1. Drained
  2. Blood Tiles
  3. Heroin
  4. Insanity
  5. Will To Power
  6. Grey
  7. Heretic >mp3
  8. The Delusion
  9. War Hog
  10. The Unsung
Face Down - The Will To Power

FACE DOWN from Sweden has a bigger history then they have a discography, seeing as their last album dates back all the way to 1997, it being “The Twisted Rule The Wicked”. After some line-up problems the band decided to call it a day in 1999 only to rise again five years later, now with ex-THE HAUNTED vocalist Marco Aro. Besides THE HAUNTED the members involved in this recording are or have been active in CONSTRUCDEAD and TERROR 2000 among others.


FACE DOWN is musically in the same street as these bands and while they aren’t exact copies one starts to wonder if there is a lot of validity to this band’s existence since their music is anything but reinventing the wheel. The technical proficiency of FACE DOWN stands beyond doubt as they can surely play but the result isn’t all too exciting. Heavy riffs, pummelling drums and full force vocals are all packed in a sound production; everything in the best modern Thrash fashion. The thing is that 40 minutes of this constant aggression can be a bit boring, especially given the fact that it’s 2005 and that there have been more albums released over time fitting that description.


A thing that would certainly please me would be some kick-ass solos but they are utterly absent. What’s a Thrash album without some menacing solos? Still, there are a couple of very decent songs on “The Will To Power” like the title track which also shows a typical lyrical subject for this style if the from of the news flashes on the background; and in particular “War Hog” where drummer Erik Thyselius really shines. Like I said, a couple of songs in this style that are very well played like the aforementioned can please me but a whole album is overkill and has been done too much in the past. It’s definitely not the skill of the members, but them playing a bit redundant style. Nevertheless, if you simply want a heavy head banging album then this is yet another fine choice and I’m also willing to bet that a live show of them isn’t the worst thing there is. (Online February 19, 2006)

Milan Elkerbout

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