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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - AEON - Bleeding The False

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Aeon - Bleeding The False (9,5/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unique Leader Records
Playing time: 48:01
Band homepage: Aeon


  1. Cenobites
  2. Soulburner
  3. Morbid Desire To Burn
  4. Biblewhore
  5. Forever Nailed >mp3
  6. Satanic Victory
  7. Enchanter
  8. Bleeding The False
  9. Doorknocker
  10. Bow Your Heads
  11. I Hate Your Existence
  12. God Gives Head In Heaven
  13. Hell Unleashed
  14. Outro
  15. God Gives Head In Heaven (Country Version)
Aeon - Bleeding The False

It seems like there is an everlasting stream of bands coming from Sweden. The impressive part of that is the great number of good to excellent bands. If you made a poll where people could vote on their favourite Metal country I’m quiet sure that Sweden would have gotten something like 30% of the votes. Since I’m a Norwegian it would be traitorous to give my vote to the Swedes, fortunately it is possible to vote on Norway for other reasons than patriotism.


AEON is yet another one of those excellent bands from Sweden. The brilliant Death Metal on “Bleeding The False” is driven forward by unusually dominant drums, one heck of a talent kicking and beating the skins here. The guitars aren’t overly heavy, the drums are the heaviest part of this release and by Odin does it work. If you programmed an atomic clock to play drums it wouldn’t be tighter than this. Triggers or not, this is fucking impressive.


I’ll use DEICIDE as a reference band in this case. If DEICIDE had used “Once Upon The Cross” as a platform for development instead of slipping into mediocrity, then they might have released something like “Bleeding The False”. The case is that DEICIDE chose to throw together records just to fulfil their deal with Road Runner Records. The evidence in this case is partly “Insineratehymn” and by all means “In Torment In Hell”. In my opinion they haven’t been able to get rid of the habit of writing shitty music quiet yet, as I find “Scars Of The Crucifix” to be worse than “Insineratehymn”, though definitely better than “In Torment In Hell. That album is DEICIDE’s very own “St. Anger”.


Though DEICIDE is a spent force they have at least both recorded excellent albums, such as “Legion” and “Once Upon And The Cross” and inspired bands to make some excellent records themselves. One such record is “Bleeding The False”. It starts out with the sounds of a man’s last breaths, accompanied with eerie sound effects and his last heart beats as well. Death is what makes man exert oneself.


I could have written about each and everyone song, praising them into boredom, but instead I’m telling you to download the song “Forever Nailed” which can be found with this review and on their home page. If you like New School Death Metal, meaning that there is blast beats almost everywhere, you would be an idiot not to.


(Since this record has two hidden tracks I though it would be appropriate to write about them here. The first one of is an atmospheric intro to the country version of “God Gives Head In Heaven”, which is the second hidden song, obviously. If you played this song to drunken fans of country music I’m sure it would fare well. The lyric is as blasphemous as one gets them, except to hear them in hell.) (Online February 19, 2006)

Arve Henriksen

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