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Morifade - Possession Of Power (9,5/10) - Sweden - 1999

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Loud'n'Proud
Playing time: 51:30
Band homepage: Morifade


  1. Possession Of Power
  2. Dragonlord
  3. Cast A Spell
  4. Ending Of Time
  5. The Signs
  6. My Own Majesty
  7. To Live Forever
  8. The Vision And The Temple
  9. World Of Steel
  10. A Northern Rhyme
  11. Ancient Prophecy
Morifade - Possession Of Power
Yes, they still exist - Power Metal-bands that really make you listen up. After a much sought-after mini-CD named "Across The Starlit Sky", the Swedish MORIFADE are thundering through a Power Metal-jewel titled "Possession Of Power" that makes your ears ring.

Already the opener "Dragonlord" offers fast double-bass-Power Metal with a strong choir in the chorus, just like "The Signs". Epic mid-tempo excels with "Ending Of Time", "The Vision And The Temple" and "World Of Steel", the ballad "My Own Majesty" is snuggling into your ear and the over-long "Ancient Prophecy" is pure epic!

But "primus inter paris", speak the best among equals, is "A Northern Rhyme". After a thunder and rain, a track unfolds with keyboards, piano and vocals, that is MORIFADE's "Crown And The Ring". The story of a fallen Viking warrior that comes to Valhalla is transferred into sound perfectly, including flutes and mighty choirs, although not as bombastic as MANOWAR.

Instead of getting lost in the thicket of HAMMERFALL-copycats, everybody who calls himself Power Metal-fan, or even "only" Heavy Metal-fan, should let himself possessed by the power of this album, he/she will not be disappointed for sure! Both thumbs up!

Alexander Melzer

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