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More about Super Fun Happy Slide

Country of origin: Australia
Founded: 2004
Status: Active
Official homepage: Super Fun Happy Slide

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Band History - Super Fun Happy Slide (Online Feb 2006)

Super Fun Happy Slide

SFHS are a Grindcore band from Melbourne, Australia with a raging boner for blastbeats and killer catchy riffs. Combining straight-up Grindcore with elements of Goregrind, Hardcore and extreme stupidity to create super fun, catchy, destructive Grindcore sounds, SFHS is the aural equivalent of an un-lubed sphincter examination from a team of circus clowns with long fingernails.


SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE started off as a bedroom solo project by Brad before he moved to Melbourne in early 2005 for university. Living 4 and a half hours west of Melbourne in a small town he affectionately referred to as Bumfuck, Idaho, Brad played and recorded everything on the 8 track CD-R demo “Super Fun Happy Demo” using quality Samick and Zoom gear with the aid of a sheep. There were roughly 130 copies of this demo made and distributed for free at gigs and through trades the world over. This caught the attention of Nik and Clarky and SFHS was soon to be a live band. Originally Brad was on guitar whilst Benny (ex-VAGINAL CARNAGE guitarist, GARBAGE GUTS drummer) handled the drumming duties. There were a couple of jams, but nothing else really progressed. Fab (ex-VAGINAL CARNAGE, ex-FALLOUT, ex-OPENWOUND) was the next in the cavalcade of VxCx members we would persuade through Rohypnol druggings and gentle late night spooning to play drums in SFHS. Once again there were a few rehearsals but then Fab moved up north to the sunny shores of Queensland and we were sans drummer again. Then the mighty grindlord blessed us with Den on guitar and the current incarnation of SFHS was born. Brad moved to drums and since April 2005 SFHS has been rehearsing regularly and played a number of gigs with the usual Melbourne Grind cohort which have been a blast. Plans for the near future include playing more gigs of course, but also getting our arses into gear and recording some material properly for our debut label release thanks to the guys at Grindhead Records.
Current Line-Up:


Brad – Drums & Vocals (JOHN LAWS & DILATED SLOPHOLE)

Clarky – Bass & Rants

Nik – Gurgles & Throat Noises (DILATED SLOPHOLE & HOLY BONER)

Previous members:



Rehearsal Demo

Den – Guitar

Brad – Drums & Vocals

Clarky – Bass

Nik – Gurgles & Throat Noises

"The Metal Observer" Review

2005 "Rehearsal Demo" - Grindhead

Total playing time: 08:52
  1. Fuck…I Just Copped A Beer Bottle To The Head!! >mp3
  2. Clarky’s Theme Song
  3. Core Core Coreality >mp3
  4. A Bloodstorm at JB Hi-Fi
  5. Ignorance Convention
  6. Deceiver (Napalm Death)
  7. Schoolgirl Shishkabob

Super Fun Happy Demo (CD-R)

Brad Smith – Guitars, Bass, Drums & Vocals

2004 "Super Fun Happy Demo (CD-R)" - Miguel Sanchez Productions

Total playing time: 12:00
  1. Super Fun Happy Song
  2. The Day Everything Became Something
  3. Regurgitation Of Giblet Like Chunks Of Pathologically Perverse Gore
  4. Taking A Napalm Shower Just For That Tingly Sensation
  5. Shit Duster
  6. Ignorance Convention
  7. Core Core Coreality
  8. Goretron


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