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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - NEVERMORE - This Godless Endeavour

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Nevermore - This Godless Endeavour (10/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal / Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 57:16
Band homepage: Nevermore


  1. Born
  2. Final Product >mp3
  3. My Acid Words
  4. Bittersweet Feast
  5. Sentient 6
  6. Medicated Nation
  7. The Holocaust Of Thoughts
  8. Sell My Heart For Stones
  9. The Psalm Of Lydia
  10. A Future Uncertain
  11. This Godless Endeavour
Nevermore - This Godless Endeavour

What a brutal piece of Metal this is! NEVERMORE are only a few years old but have many, many fans devoted to them like Born-Again Christians are to Jesus. With their seventh and newest installment to their discography “This Godless Endeavor”, NEVERMORE take themselves higher and higher and never look down. This album is a perfect example of what a metal album should be and here’s why:


The opener on this album “Born” starts off with pure brutality and melody all punched into one. The drums are fast and the double bass is just pounding its way into your ears every second of the song. Lead singer Warrel Dane goes from growls to clean in a matter of seconds and it all sounds so perfectly put together. The guitar work is phenomenal with fast alternative picking and heavy crunchy riffs. Not to mention the guitar solo in this song is one of the craziest solo’s you’ll ever let your ears witness.


Track two, “The Final Product” starts off with what could be a guitar solo right there, but it doesn’t stop there, Warrel Dane soon bursts in with his vocal magnificence and then the drums are going full throttle, then another guitar solo kicks it’s way in just to give you a taste of what’s to come. You need to pay attention to the lyrics on this track, for they are amazingly written and very powerful. The song beats on and on with turbo speed and then comes in the full guitar solo. It’s about a minute long and throughout the entire thing, you can’t help but wonder “how the hell do they do that?!” Shortly after the solo, there are a few more sung passages and then song is over. But the fun doesn’t stop!


Song three, “My Acid Words” starts slower than its predecessors but that’s not a bad thing at all. This song is purely melodic and as I’ve said before, the instruments as well as the vocals keep this song alive and pumping. The lyrics are powerful, the drums are hard as hell and the guitar work is slower than the last two songs but is melodic and moving. The solo of course is amazing but is shorter than it was in “Born” and “Final Product”. It’s still complex though and fits great with the song.


Next up is “Bittersweet Feast” It’s fast, energetic and powerful. The vocals, as always will make your ears dance. The drums aren’t played as complex as they were played in the first three songs, but they still have the double bass pedals kicking at your head at a nice speed. The guitar work is flawless and the short solo near the end of the song will please your ears. The chorus is pretty catchy but not too catchy so it doesn’t get annoying after a while. A great song on the album. Not the best, but pretty damn good.


“Sentient 6” follows right after “Bittersweet Feast”. It’s a completely different song than what you’ve just experienced. With it’s ballad-like melodic soft guitar work and slow drumming and Warrel’s pleading and powerful vocals. The song is about an artificial intelligence being hating the fact that it cannot feel human feelings. The lyrics are very moving and will make you think, because I know it sure did to me. The chorus in the song is some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard in a song and it’s put in so well that you would think only a god could pull something that brilliant.

“Trained I see imperfection in your race

Lying in wait, blind I suffer knowing I'll never reach your heaven

It's unattainable, please teach me how to dream

I long to be more than a machine

The song is at near seven minutes but is not one second too long. It’s worth the listen, trust me!


So let the CD play the next few songs, but when the final song on the album comes on, it’s time to pay extreme attention. A nine-minute track, entitled “This Godless Endeavor” and what a track it is. Starting off with some nice acoustic work accompanied by Warrel singing softly, but it’s not too long before the hard drums and distorted guitars smash their way in and grab hold of you and refuse to let go. The song is full of short solos and heavy drumming accompanied by amazing singing & lyrics. For nine minutes this goes on, with Mr. Dane changing from clean singing to growling with no problem whatsoever. The song ends with the greatest ending a song could ever have! Warrel changes his voice to super high pitched and screams “The Sky Has Opened”

Followed by a few more seconds of hardcore guitar work and drumming and the CD is over.


What a fucking ride! This is the type of album you can listen to over a thousand times and never get bored of it. Great work from NEVERMORE. And what a site to behold live. I witnessed them with OPETH on their “Ghost Reveries” tour, front row center. Do yourself a favor! Any Metal fan should buy this album. (Online February 21, 2006)

Jeremy Sanchez

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