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Fony - Live At The Harlequin (8/10) - Great Britain - 2005

Genre: Alternative Metal
Label: Copro Records
Playing time: 51:00
Band homepage: Fony



  1. Makeshift1
  2. Makeshift 2
  3. January Zen
  4. Emeritus
  5. A Satire For The World
  6. I Matador
  7. R.I.U.P.
  8. F**ing The Sentiment
  9. Chore Again
  10. Wishlist, End


  1. Chore Again (Video)
  2. R.I.U.P. (Live 2002)
  3. A Satire For The World (Video)
  4. Wishlist, End (Video)
  5. Nefer (Live 2004)
  6. Emiritus (Spanish TV Broadcast)
  7. Nefer (Spanish TV Broadcast)
  8. A Satire For The World (Spanish TV Broadcast)
  9. I, Matador (Spanish TV Broadcast)
  10. Wishlist, End (Spanish TV Broadcast)
  11. January Zen (Spanish TV Broadcast)
Fony - Live At The Harlequin

How much sense it makes to throw a live album complete with DVD onto the already oversaturated market after only two studio albums (“Routine Irregular” in 2002 and “Circles” in 2003) remains to be seen (According to Guy Hassell it was released to honour their agreement with Copro Records, which they have parted ways with now... - Alex). Moreover, with all class that FONY inarguably possess, you may carefully doubt that the Englishmen are the definite winners compared to their compatriots LOSTPROPHETS or BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, and they certainly are no international cash-cow.


Whatever, the two studio discs really were first-class records, and now the live document proves that they are able to transfer these skills onto the stages of this world without any great difficulties. FONY do their thing really professionally on audio and visual mediums alike, especially as there are no faults to be discovered sound-wise. Apart from the videos for “Chore Again”, “A Satire For The World” and “Wishlist End”, the DVD also contains two live songs and six songs that were laid down for Spanish TV-station TVE2, and it will certainly be a treat for die-hard fans of the band.


All in all, “Live At The Harlequin“ is quite a worthwhile thing, that does not reveal any news from the band but presents a solid prove of the live qualities of FONY. It’s the well-disposed fan who has do decide if a purchase makes sense anyway, and therefore it’s the quality of this disc that counts in the first place, and it is more than alright. (Online February 21, 2006)

Alexander Ehringer

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