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Esqarial - Discoveries (9/10) - Poland - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Empire Records
Playing time: 48:36
Band homepage: Esqarial


  1. World In Flames
  2. Kill All Of Them
  3. Travel In Past
  4. Sacred War
  5. Nightmare
  6. Unreal
  7. Atlantis
  8. New Land
  9. True Lies
  10. Guitar Explosions (Bonus-Track)
Esqarial - Discoveries
The info tells me something about "Death Metal a la MORBID ANGEL" and "solos a la Steve Vai". Normally the first part already is reason enough to put the CD on the "send to Wes, Luca, Gabe or Vincent"-pile…

Why it is me who writes the review? Well, Empire Records did a very smart move in signing Jacek Wisniewski as label-designer, the guy already has been working for the likes of VADER and I can assure you, he's one of the best of his craft! And it's been his super-great cover of "Discoveries", which made me listen to it and my reaction was: "Wow"!

OK, the "regular" Death Metal-part of the ESQARIAL-sound is influenced by the morbid angels (even though I do not own a single release of them and most probably never will), but the music of the Polish guys is more - so much more... "Kill All Of Them" is crack-heavy Death Metal with damn low vocals, but "Travel In Lust" and "Guitar Explosions" are incredible tracks, which do not have anything in common with Death Metal anymore, but are emotional, melodic instrumentals, which should appeal to EVERY Metal-fan, brilliantly arranged and of musical class, great!

Altogether ESQARIAL mix hefty Death Metal with such passages (as the following "Sacred War", which is executed great! Or "Nightmare" or the dazzling "Atlantis"…), also together in songs, which makes them stand out from the rest, and musically, my God, these guys can play, like many Polish bands, I just say VADER or SCEPTIC, technical, but not too demanding or complex, just the right path in between. You want more check-out-tips than the great "Travel In Lust"? Well, "Sacred War", "Nightmare" or the brilliant "Atlantis" or the absolutely outstanding "True Lies", with its classical guitar-line, but never forgetting the damn heaviness, great, great, great!

OK, you should be able to deal with Death Metal, but also folks, who normally don't like MORBID ANGEL and consorts (like myself) should try out "Discoveries", because you could very well discover a really big surprise! And then you also get this great cover…

Alexander Melzer

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