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Celestial Crown - A Veiled Empire (8/10) - Estonia - 2005

Genre: Gothic Death Metal / Black Metal
Label: Divenia Records
Playing time: 62:47
Band homepage: Celestial Crown


  1. Veil Of Eternity
  2. Sacrifice In Red
  3. Eclipsed My Hope
  4. Deep Within
  5. Night By The Silent Waters
  6. Stone Heart
  7. For The End Of The Days >mp3
  8. For One Love
  9. So Let Thy Will Shalt Be
  10. New Aeon
  11. Into Eternity
  12. Consecration
  13. A Sea
Celestial Crown - A Veiled Empire

CELESTIAL CROWN return once more again with their new album entitled “A Veiled Empire” and I must say that this band doesn’t cease to amaze me, with each album they improve their ways and they grow as musicians and as a band. Of course that doesn’t mean this album is perfect, because it is far from it, but it’s quite enjoyable.


The band once again successfully merges genres like Doom, Black and Gothic Metal, the combination between soft, melodic passages and Black Metal outbursts are quite remarkable, it gives the album a duality or a split personality if you want to call it that way.


Songs like “For The End Of Days”, “A Sea” and “Sacrifice In Red” are prime examples of the improvement of the band. You’ll find female vocals, shrieks, growls, melodic passages, melancholic leads and much more.


Of course not everything is marvelous in the album, some songs felt like fillers and with 13 songs clocking in at over 1 hour, I feel this could have been a little shorter. The sound and the whole production engineering have improved since last time, although it doesn’t reach the quality of big productions, but that’s ok, since these guys aren’t signed to a big label.


If you want to enjoy a nice album filled with Doomy passages and aggressive counterattacks, I must recommend CELESTIAL CROWN, it might not be the best album of 2005, but surely ranks up good in the shortlist. (Online February 22, 2006)

Enrique Congrains

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