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Forefather - Engla Tocyme (8,5/10) - Great Britain - 2002

Genre: Viking Metal
Label: Angelisc
Playing time: 40:14
Band homepage: Forefather


  1. Engla Tocyme
  2. Into The Forever
  3. Iron Hand
  4. Fifeldor
  5. The Swan's Road
  6. Forever In Chains
  7. The Fate Of Kings
Forefather - Engla Tocyme
FOREFATHER… Never heard of them... But wow! What a great cover! Folks, you know exactly that you can lure me in with that…

The info says something about Melodic Black Metal, it's two guys from England, so CRADLE OF FILTH? Hell, no! I had already prepared for something hefty, but what Athelstan and Wulfstan have come up with here is great, really great!v Very melodic, with rough as well as clean vocals, it reminds me a little of VINTERSORG, even though there is a lot less folk and the voice sounds different, but the atmosphere is comparable to the Swede, I can't help it… A little Viking Metal is also gliding along, so let's call it Anglo Saxon Metal.

What the Vikings for AMON AMARTH and co. are the Anglo Saxons for FOREFATHER, the founders of England and Great Britain. The duo tells stories of battles, explorations and legends, supported by very, very melodic music, which just has feeling, the guitars are the most Black Metallic element, but still they are far more than just that.

Here and there the guitars remind me of the Belarus-gods GODS TOWER, intricate, but still with a light Folk-touch, the voice proclamatory/narratingly singing, sounds great, not the usual standard-whine or croak or that, but fitting the overall sound of FOREFATHER perfectly. Only the production here and there is a little under-bass-ed, a little more power in that department would surely not have hurt.

Coming from nowhere, attacking me with such a strong content, those are the surprises I never tire of, all who did not have this luck, watch out for "Engla Tocyme", the British form of Viking Metal, mostly with clear and heroic vocals, very melodic and atmospheric, both thumbs up!

Alexander Melzer

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