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Dream Evil - DragonSlayer (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 46:18
Band homepage: Dream Evil


  1. Chasing The Dragon
  2. In Flames You Burn
  3. Save Us
  4. Kingdom Of The Damned
  5. The Prophecy
  6. The Chosen Ones
  7. Losing You
  8. The 7th Day
  9. Heavy Metal In The Night
  10. H.M.J.
  11. Hail To The King
  12. Outro
Dream Evil - DragonSlayer
Fredrik Nordström. Who doesn't know him, the owner and mainman of the legendary Studio Fredman in Gothenburg. Here we see him in a new function, as musician and song-writer. Yes, you've read correctly, DREAM EVIL is his baby, so what do we get?

Looking at the cover and the title, then the conclusion is correct, a mixture of Melodic and Power Metal. "Who the hell needs this?" I hear the people sigh. Well, I do not know, who really needs it, but lets take a look at how well it is crafted, ok?

OK, I am a big Power Metal-fan, even though even I grow tired of the overkill, but still I think that I am the right one to review this. And what should I say? DREAM EVIL are not in the least original. That is a fact and standard in most sub-genres. But - I like this record, I like it very much in fact!

Mr Nordström has assembled a very good crew, guitarist Gus G. already had been with MYSTIC PROPHECY and to greatly introduce drummer Snowy Shaw would be a waste of words. A big plus in their book for sure is singer Niklas Isfeldt, who does not live in the highest regions of vocalists, but rather prefers a mid-pitched style, which not only fits the music very well, but also sets him apart from many other frontmen.

In their music DREAM EVIL compute traditional Hard Rock of the EUROPE-category with crunchy traditional Heavy Metal and some excursions into Power Metal, well mixed, with very catchy and good melodies, nicely crisp guitars and, of course, a great production (apart from a part at the end of "The 7th Day", where it's crunching and wheezing). Just listen to "In Flames You Burn", the fast "The Prophecy", the epic "The Chosen Ones", the rocking "H.M.J." (which means Heavy Metal Jesus) or the closing "Hail To The King"...

Like mentioned, not original, but very well done, it's fun, which is more important to me than originality and weak song-material, period!

Alexander Melzer

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