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Thy Kingdom Come - Through Bleeding Eyes (5/10) - Great Britain - 2005

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Retribute Records
Playing time: 27:43
Band homepage: Thy Kingdom Come


  1. Through Bleeding Eyes
  2. Bury The Pain
  3. From This Day
  4. To The Ends Of The Earth
  5. Revolt
  6. NoMercy >mp3
  7. Stand My Ground
  8. Torn Apart
  9. As Eden Falls
  10. Lest We Forget
  11. Who Ties The Rope
Thy Kingdom Come - Through Bleeding Eyes

Described by the accompanying press release as “brutal, crushing Metalcore”, THY KINGDOM COME features ex-members of RAIDEN, UNITE and NADIR. All of which means nothing to me, unfortunately, having heard none of these bands before.


To apply the sacred adjectives of “brutal and crushing” to this release is to do an injustice to hundreds of bands that deserve them and to the science of linguistics. Brutal and crushing brings to mind a tank driving through a daycare dragging a bunch of puppies behind it; THY KINGDOM COME is like a Ford Escort with the optional sport package driving through the parking lot of a seniors complex with the subwoofer turned up a bit too loud. There is nothing brutal or crushing on this disc, just the usual “metallic” guitar chords (riff is another holy word that does not apply to most Metalcore), breakdowns and shouted\snarling vocals you’ve heard on almost any other Metalcore release in the last couple of years.


I don’t like to be so hard on Metalcore, but it really seems to be all about imitation (just who I’m not sure) rather than innovation or even leveraging your influences. If held at gunpoint I would still have to say I believe that the same guy sings on 90% of these albums. I will be honest and say that this sameness prevents me from listening until I “get it” - if that is even a possibility.


Very little of “Through Bleeding Eyes” (even the title screams GENERIC) stuck out for me on the numerous listens I gave it and I would honestly say that even a fan of Metalcore (which, obviously, I’m not) would have difficulty finding anything brilliant on it. It’s not horrible by any means, just rather uneventful and bland. (Online March 1, 2006)

Todd Williams

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