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Coenen, Marcel - Colour Journey (7,5/10) - Netherlands - 2006

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 57:22
Band homepage: Coenen, Marcel


  1. Waiting
  2. Abstract Impact
  3. Patron Saint
  4. La Bella Mira
  5. Traumatized To The Bone
  6. Skill Factor
  7. That Moment
  8. The Shrink
  9. V(erbal) D(efense) M(echanism)
  10. New Race
  11. Still Bleeding
Coenen, Marcel - Colour Journey

Marcel Coenen is a beast. He handles the guitar like a fine woman, succulently milking beautiful riff after beautiful riff coupled with world-shaking leads until your pants are soiled and you no longer have a firm grasp on reality. The sheer depth and diverse ability of this solo project is astounding, as the album is aptly titled “Colour Journey”. Its subject matter, song-structures and styles drastically alter throughout the disc, running the gamut of Progressive Rock to Death Metal and the journey is quite sick.


“Colour Journey” is built on a mound of riffs and excellent writing serving as the worthy follow-up to Coenen’s debut, “Guitar Talk”. Due to the rampant diversity of the compositions, Marcel has employed a plethora of musicians to fill the ranks. “Colour Journey” features 7 different vocalists, 3 drummers, 2 bassists and 2 keyboardists (yes that’s more members participating than SLIPKNOT). The vast skills employed by this monstrosity of a project give the album breadth and life. Coenen’s axe-work is what draws you in, the sheer variety and unrelenting diversity of the musicians is what keeps you listening.


This album is an emotional trip akin to conquering Mount Everest. You are quite relaxed and letting the groove and focused melodic lead-work of “Patron Saint” wash over you when “La Bella Mira” takes the expose a step further down the road of relaxation offering a bit of Progressive Rock which invades your senses quite violently, quickly turning into a melancholic assault of riffs which escort you to an esoteric realm of disjointed comfort. Once you have settled into this passionate downward spiral the ferociously heavy riffage of “Traumatized To The Bone” cuts across your speakers spitting forth a beautiful track equally influenced by MORBID ANGEL and RUSH (hell yes!) knocking you out of your comfortable seat and pummeling you relentlessly. This is the evocative cluster-bomb Coenen drops with “Colour Journey” and the power of such a beautiful language offered to us via an Ibanez is remarkable.


This is a diverse outing which commands you to kneel and offer your worthless corpse for sacrifice as you are berated with a share of Metal, Rock and even Funk infected axe-work. This album slaughters and should be immediately purchased if you have even the faintest infatuation with a guitar or excellent song writing. Marcel Coenen is at the top of his game and will only continue to grow and destroy the hordes of Metal-heads who can appreciate a bit of skill without the self-indulging wankery. (Online February 27, 2006)

Charles Theel

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