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Perzonal War - When Times Turn Red (2,5/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 48:21
Band homepage: Perzonal War


  1. When Times Turn Red
  2. In Flames
  3. For The Last Time >mp3
  4. The Unbeliever
  5. My Conspiracy
  6. New Age
  7. Frozen Image
  8. 5 More Days
  9. Hope Dies Last
  10. Inferno
Perzonal War - When Times Turn Red

You love METALLICA’s “Black Album”?




You love a band copying and regurgitating METALLICA’s “Black Album”?


Of course you don’t.


That is basically the gist of this review. The main problem is that PERZONAL WAR lack any sense of originality and have chosen not only to clone a group but have taken on the essence of a band at the point they had hit a fucking ice berg. Hetfield and Company were the Titanic, while PERZONAL WAR should never have been cleared to depart.


What we have on this release is rather straightforward Hard Rock which lacks any balls. The riffs are lifeless and the guitars function like a de-clawed predator. The band does manage to vary the sound a bit, alternating from this stale Rock vibe to Nu-Metal with ease as mediocrity begets mediocrity. Tracks like “5 More Days” make me cringe and only offer me the fact that I will not need to spin “Bringer Of Bleed” to clean out my abdomen. Predictable riffs ripped from the collective genius of the Metalcore scene mixed with watered down Thrash riffs never tasted so goddamn ugly.


So even “Graveyard Classics 2” has its moments you say? Perhaps, there are several minute instances where “When Times Turn Red” approaches that esoteric “rock out” sensation; most notably the solos. The few leads which pop up are the goddamn highlights of this catastrophe and if they would have been presented in stronger cuts they would slaughter rather than merely offering momentary lapses in the unrestrained mediocrity. It is also worth mentioning the fact that the Hetfield-esque vocals are actually pretty damn good; it is a shame they are coupled with lifeless riffs and weak songwriting.


Nothing sticks within your mind or leaves a lasting smirk upon your face. No convulsive head-banging is witnessed and everything is completely utterly forgettable. I cannot urge fans of actual Metal enough to stay the hell out of dodge when it comes to PERZONAL WAR’s latest outing. If only these boys had a Dave Mustaine in their lineup during their infancy which they could pluck ideas from… (Online February 28, 2006)

Charles Theel

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