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Sentenced - The Cold White Light (10/10) - Finland - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 45:31
Band homepage: Sentenced


  1. Konevitsan Kirkonkellot
  2. Cross My Heart And Hope To Die
  3. Brief Is The Light
  4. Neverlasting >mp3
  5. Aika Multaa Muistot (Everything Is Nothing)
  6. Excuse Me While I Kill Myself
  7. Blood & Tears >mp3
  8. You Are The One
  9. Guilt And Regret
  10. The Luxury Of A Grave
  11. No One There
Sentenced - The Cold White Light
Now that H.I.M. released their latest last year and THE 69 EYES released their new CD just a couple of months ago, what is the next big thing to come out of Finland? Why, it's SENTENCED...of course!

I was wondering between "Crimson" and this new disc, what was it going to sound like. They went as melodic as possible. What could they possibly have in store for the fans. The wait is now over and the result is simply a MISERY-PIECE! You would think that one would get bored of the band talking about depression, death and suicide for most of their career, but they do it in a way that is sarcastic and interesting.

The intro has loons (a bird) crying in their dying moments which basically showcases what is about to come. "Cross My Heart" is great, because while the song is melodic, they have managed to heavy the song up a bit and added a pop twist to the dynamic of the song. The song is laced with plenty of emotional guitar playing which really strikes you in the heart. "Brief Is The Light" could be considered a power ballad of sorts with Ville's dark and passionate vocals and the chorus is simply catchy and addicting.

"Neverlasting" is probably the heaviest track on the disc, but what is nice is that you hear Sami's thick bass lines running amok all over the song which is nice, because you can never hear too much bass. "Everything Is Nothing" is another great ballad with nice piano playing which will really bring your spirits down.

The band has created another great piece of work. While it may have taken some time, it was well worth it. The band never ceases to amaze the fans with their brilliant music compositions. I think that by adding a pop dynamic to their depressing sound made this album unpredictable and a complete joy to listen to much like in the vein of H.I.M. and TYPE O NEGATIVE.

I guess when you live in Finland during the long and cold brutal winter nights, there is not much else to do but write about the darker things in life.

Joe Florez

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