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Mindripper - Kahos Humana (8/10) - France - 2005

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Adipocere
Playing time: 41:14
Band homepage: Mindripper


  1. Intro
  2. Gardiens >mp3
  3. Proclamateurs De Le Paix
  4. Larmes
  5. Deny
  6. Ce Jour La
  7. Dans Les Veines
  8. Evanghellion
Mindripper - Kahos Humana

Never judge a book by its cover is an age old adage. With France’s MINDRIPPER I guess that should be amended to never judge an album by the first few bars. After the brief “Intro” on “Kahos Humana”, the first thing you hear on the second track “Gardiens” seems right out of any contemporary Metalcore reserve. Not so fast mee old son! After this off-putting start, MINDRIPPER blast in with some juicy, well produced Black Metal. It’s almost a bait and switch and what a bloody pleasant one it is too. The band completely rips through the most of ‘Gardiens” with nothing but a big shiny Black Metal sword of fury. It should be known well in advance that if you’re an elitist when it comes to BM, then you might find yourself looking down your nose at “Kahos Humana”. Well, that’s your problem, because I think this is one searing release.


What makes this record not such a pure Black Metal effort is what makes it also such a cracker: it has seamless segments of Thrash and Death Metal woven so as to enrich the album for me, while maintaining a concrete Black Metal arrangement and I love that. The openings to both “Proclamateurs De La Paix” and “Deny” are pure Thrash and damn fine Thrash at that. Blazing in with these well executed riffs, the band then looses no time in discharging gripping BM with expertise one wouldn’t expect from a band on their debut album, even if MINDRIPPER have released a few demos. These French nuts have absolutely no fear either in breaking down the pace and rolling through passages of heavy, punchy Metal like on “Ce Jour La”.


While “Kahos Humana” may not be an album that stretches the bounds of BM the way ENSLAVED have, it is still a succulent and fruitful enough little gem that I’d recommend checking out. (Online March 1, 2006)

Stephen Rafferty

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