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Oracle Sun - Deep Inside (6,5/10) - Italy - 2006

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 41:07
Band homepage: Oracle Sun


  1. Lost In Silence
  2. Stand Alone
  3. Changes >mp3
  4. Light Of Life
  5. Everlasting
  6. New Sunrise
  7. Your Eyes Again
  8. Riding The Sun (Instrumental)
  9. Stone Angel
Oracle Sun - Deep Inside

Viewed superficially, ORACLE SUN are a brand new band from Italy, which is offering its debut album with “Deep Inside”, but when you look at it more closely, you will quickly see that this is not the case. All the musicians already are known from other bands, Emy Manuguerra of ANGEL GRACE, Val Shieldon of SIGMA, Fabrizio Marnik of SEVEN GATES, Alessandro Cola of MANDRAGORA SCREAM and SHINING FURY and as best known member Franco Rubulotta, who doesn’t know this name, how about Frank Andiver, drummer on the first LABYRINTH album and with his Zenith Recording Studio in Lucca also a renowned producer.


If you look at the past of the musicians, then you can basically expect two things: mature song writing and Power Metal of the Italian school and it does not take long, before both things turn out to be true, because “Lost In Silence” unites a very clear and strong production with the typical sewing machine double-bass, additional keyboards and very clean song structures, which unfortunately lack almost any kind of memorability factor and “Stand Alone” also speeds by without extending its hooks.


“Light Of Life“ does an a lot better job with that, with a very nice guitar melody and especially more variety in rhythm and speed and the gearing down of “New Sunrise” also is a positive factor, while at the very end “Stone Angel” starts out balladesque before turning into a pretty dynamic track, which again adds these a bit sterile drums, but does not make the same mistake as some of the earlier tracks and plod along in the more or less same tempo overall.


So how do you rate an album like this one? ORACLE SUN definitely are not the new "Prog/Power sensation“, as they are heralded by their label, but they know how to write good songs, they show great musicianship, but the songs mostly don’t grip you… A dilemma that in the end only leads to the conclusion that it is nice to listen to, but that there needs to be more to stand out of the mass. (Online March 7, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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