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Gory Blister - Skymorphosis (6,5/10) - Italy - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Mascot Records
Playing time: 51:15
Band homepage: Gory Blister


  1. Process To Apocalypse [Intro]
  2. Asteroid
  3. Sailing To Achernar
  4. Skymorphosis >mp3
  5. Skin Legacy
  6. Blood Sweating Wall
  7. I Shall Hang Myself
  8. Quasars
  9. Black Canvas
  10. The Missing Planet
  11. Shader
  12. Starfields
  13. The Soul-Slitters >mp3
  14. 1000 Eyes
Gory Blister - Skymorphosis

Well, the name might sound quite frankly silly, but the cover is much more encouraging if we get straight down to first impressions. Following that, the first track after the sinister classical introduction rips through the speakers like a crazed guitar wielding, vocal growling, drum blasting maniac, whose intent is to shove as much melodic technicality down your throat as he can cram onto a 50 minute album!


GORY BLISTER at first sounds like the hybrid child of DEATH and NECROPHAGIST, but is more than just a technical DEATH rip-off. The vocals sound closer to Jens Kidman of MESHUGGAH than either of the vocalists of the two previously mentioned bands, although the band does give credit to Chuck Schuldiner in the back of the “Skymorphosis” booklet and are consistent and relentless. This does means they tend to get a tiny bit repetitive and it would be an improvement in my view if “Adry” made more use of his growls. This is only a minor issue, as they are harsh enough to complement the dirty riffs.


Speaking of riffs, this is where the album shines, as the guitar playing really shows off the technical skill of the band. The influence from DEATH and other pioneers of the genre is clear in that respect, but as I said before, there is enough originality to interest diehard fans of Extreme Metal and the solos are certainly “all over the place” enough to break up each song nicely. The drumming, on the other hand, is nothing too spectacular; it definitely keeps the album moving along effectively, but sometimes leaves you hankering for some really fast double pedalling, occasionally not delivering the blistering speeds that the title somewhat promises (yes, that pun was intended). That being said though, they sound very clear, as does the production for the entire album.


Towards the end, however, the songs begin to drag a little and although the riffs are brutal sounding enough, the album could have been improved if some more thought had been put into livening up the structures, or even the songs lengths – there are eleven full length songs, I think this release only needs eight or nine. With some more development in each one and upon listening the six minute “I Shall Hang Myself” it’s clear why longer songs would work better for their brand of music. But then again, this is only my nitpicking an album, under the expected pretence that it should completely perfect and although “Skymorphosis” may fall short of that, with the added bonus of some original Sci-fi lyrical content, you couldn’t go very wrong in giving this Italian foursome a bit of money for some Metal. (Online March 7, 2006)

Tom Bartlett

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