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Augury - 35 and still going strong (Patrick Loisel) - February 2006

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Patrick Loisel, lead guitar and vocals in the Quebec Metal band AUGURY. Patrick also writes lyrics for the band.


Hello Pat, nice to speak to you. I recently received your “Concealed” disc in the mail (thank you very much for that by the way) and have been listening to it a lot since. I am very impressed by it, what has the reaction been so far to this disc? From the press? Fans?

It's actually overwhelming and we are quite impressed by people's reaction and some major media even showed interest. We really did our best to have the album the way we wanted, it was 400 hours in the making after all


According to your discography, this is your first album. Does the band have any previous recordings that are un-released (or waiting for the 20th Anniversary boxed set?)?

Nope. “Concealed” is our first recording together (except for a pre-prod tape) but we had a lot with our previous bands. I released 4 with FORESHADOW and 1 with KRALIZEC, so this is my sixth record.


So you are leaving on a tour across Canada on July 26th with QUO VADIS. How did you end up on this tour? Do you enjoy being on the road?

I know the guys in QV for ten years. They actually played their first gig opening for FORESHADOW and Stephane Paré helped me booking shows in the mid 90's when he was a teenager, he didn't even sing back then. These guys are buddies and we relish our time on the road; we already have a few shows together recently also!!!


The Quebec Metal scene has always been strong, with some of Canada’s most well-known Metal bands coming from that area. How strong is the scene these days?

Well, it's stronger than before and some band are better organized, bought their own vehicle like we did and spending months out of job without starving, like we didn't already. It's a sign that our bands start getting recognition. Quebec buys half of the Metal records sold in Canada, so it's normal to have a lot of Metal sprouting here!


Speaking of that scene, most of the members of the band have been in numerous other bands (I think your bio says a combined total of 50 years experience). I would imagine this helps with all aspects of making AUGURY successful. Does this band feel more stable and ‘mature’ than other projects you’ve been involved in? How successful were the other bands?

You get a point here. Most of our previous efforts went unnoticed. And many old internal problems we don't have with AUGURY. I'm 35 after all, so I put together my long years of experience. Being a teacher in real life makes band managing look like a walk in the park. Our previous bands shone locally, but only mine managed to get a record deal abroad, that sucked big time!


From a technical standpoint, you all seem to be very talented and skilled at your respective instruments. The bass is really busy and interesting and the drumming very engaging. Was there any triggering involved with the drums? Is the complexity of the songs a conscious decision or a natural progression from your abilities?

We let the songs develop over time. Rushing it gives crap. Some of my parts in the band are really old, I even dug some from the 80's when I was the only Metalhead in my town. We used triggers, but they were blended with the actual sound of the kick. There isn't a consensus 'Ok guys, let's play this way!!' I am the one writing the simpler stuff, because I write on vocals first.


One thing I really liked was the amount of lead guitar and soloing in the songs, something that has certainly decreased in metal since you and I were teenagers. Back in the 80s, the lead break was the most important part of the song! Do you have any thoughts on the evolution of Metal over the last 20 years? How have your interests\influences changed?

There was a justified backlash against solos because in many instances, the rest of the song was neglected. You need a cake to put the cherry on. I still like fast players, but the melodies must shine through. My current favorite player is Frank Kobolt from SYMBYOSIS (France) and Jarzombek is crazy. I started with Malmsteen, Rhoads and MacAlpine. Ihsahn is another unsung hero on guitar!


Now to the fun part! Your philosophy and theories are the main focal point of the lyrics. They certainly touch on some strange and uncommon topics. Do they lead to some interesting conversations at gigs? Do you feel your point is being made\understood by listeners?

Sadly, I'm too exhausted after a show to do a lecture about it all the times but I'll save some energy for you :)

Those topics aren't new, and most subjects I read about when I was a preteen. And lots of people understand what it's about. Trying to get the masses unaware always was a mainstay on the leaders agendas, what do you think gladiators were for in the antique Rome. People focus their minds on a secondary issue like right now they make a fuss over gay marriage, and miss the crucial stuff. Today, people care about the nails of a pop star but don't care if millions die. It works.

Same purpose for the Inquisition. When I shown a picture of the Yonaguni ruins (do a search with this on the net) to one of my university teachers, he went “What do they wait to dynamite the damn thing”. Some historical artifacts were vandalized by historian to prevent official history from being modified. It's almost like the Matrix movies.


I share many of your views regarding the (barely) hidden agenda of world leaders. Do you consider these ‘conspiracy theories’ to be an interesting topic of debate, or feel they are actual fact? The ideas in songs like Nocebo are disturbing to say the least and there seems to be enough evidence, both hard and theoretical, to “prove” this kind of shit is going on. So would you say the general public is misinformed, uninformed or in denial?

It's a bit like Bigfoot, lots have seen one, but no serious analyses were released to the public. I think society is build in a way so anyone blowing that cover up isn't taken seriously. Some conspiracy theories are weird, but I always find a scientific basis to it, up to David Icke's reptilians who are talked about by Lovecraft, Chinese and Sumerian lore etc. I even came across two very ancient painting, one European, one Maya, depicting the same thing: A bunch of celebrating nobles in the process of dismembering a child to feed some reptilian creature popping out of the ground. Both paintings are almost identical, except for the style. Then you have Erzebeth Bathory, Vlad Tepes... and why the hell all vampires depicted as noble and wealthy... Doesn't help us to trust our government :P In catholic religion, we are Lord's cattle, in Sumerian legends, we were created as some kind of cheap labor by the gods. Same views in Zion protocols, which by the way were written by Germans, not Jews.


Also related to the conspiracy theme; Alien Shores discusses the cover-up etc of the finding of ruins in the ocean. Now I can understand the various intrigues of the elite when it comes to oil and warfare, but what do you think the reasoning is behind cover-ups of this type. Important links in our history as a species yet they pose some sort of threat to the “master plan”?

That's exactly the Yonaguni ruins I was talking about. And such ruins are everywhere: Caribbean, Canary, Indonesia etc...As for the reasons for such secrecy, it's either to maintain power by enforcing a dogmatic vision of the world. Like, everyone knew the Earth was round, from the Greeks to Dogons in Africa, then the Church comes and says: The Earth is flat, understood? They are many versions of that plan, all of them in order to maintain our mental inferiority by flattering our senses or thru traumatisms. One thing I can say is that a lot of Nazi researchers had a contract in the USA before the war was declared. Werner Von Braun, the guy who threw bombs over London, was scheduled to head the NASA afterward. He has built the Saturn V rocket, the one used by the Apollo program.


Is the song “As Sea Devours Land” inspired by the book “Footprints Of The Gods”?

You mean “Fingerprints Of The Gods” by Graham Hancock? (ed.note: yeah that is the one I meant) Not directly. Both “As Sea…” and “In Russian Doll Universes” talk about a cycle of polar shifts, the former from a human point of view, the latter from the 'gods' point of view. And I think one of the conspiracies is that our elites know that a shift is coming, so they rush to gather wealth then shelter themselves underground, making sure the rest of mankind will return to primitiveness after the cataclysm. Then, they'll emerge with full technology in front of hunters-gatherers and say 'we are your gods, obey to us!' I read that such facilities were built using airports and Olympic installations as a coverup. Cool areas to investigate! I have read a lot about Luciferian freemasons, charroux, bergier, blavatski and al...


I have a feeling I could go on for many pages about your ideas, but I’d better wrap this thing up. Your lyrics bring up the questions but don’t seem to provide any “answers” unless I am misinterpreting them a bit. I really related to this comment from the Nocebo concept: “We are now to a point where many who used to have hopes of changing it lose them and just feel like banging their heads against a wall.” Like you say, even “thinking” people and activists are really having a tough time seeing any hope. Do you have a philosophy about how we can improve the problems you write about?

Awareness is the key, and we have to be cautious. Like, I think the character of “RAEL” has been put here so people talking publicly about UFO's are associated with him and laughed about. It's about convincing people to change their ways. Fuck the SUV and go bike, learn how to garden and immerse yourself in nature whenever possible. I work myself on new forms of energy, lifter experiment. Just stir mankind out of stupidity!


Back to the music: I see on your website ( that you are currently working on new material. How far along are you in that process and what will be the end result? (ie full-length, EP, etc) and will it be on Galy again?

We are halfway in the writing of our second full length, and we are aiming at an international record deal. We have a couple new songs for you on the tour!!!!


OK. thanks a lot for the interview Pat. “Concealed” was thought provoking, beautiful and brutal…a winning combination in my books! I look forward to meeting you in Saskatoon in August. It’s been a pleasure sir and best of luck with your music and your tour. Feel free to add anything you would like to at this point.

We are eager to hit the road and play for you!!! Thank you very much, it's been an honor!!!




2004: Concealed (CD, Galy/Adipocere)


Todd Williams

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