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Novembers Fall - Mythaeon (7/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 23:34
Band homepage: Novembers Fall


  1. Question Of Eternity >mp3
  2. Angst Im Wald >mp3
  3. Coral Island >mp3
Novembers Fall - Mythaeon

Judging from the cover and the band’s name I had expected NOVEMBERS FALL to rather be Doom Metal, but instead this quartet presents us with a sound mix, which not rarely reminds me of OPETH, just altogether a bit more Death Metal oriented and of course less intricate and mature than the Swedish masters. The band, only existing since November 2003, shows a lot of courage to create very long compositions (the three songs have a playing time of more than 23 minutes overall) and also do a pretty good job, some bands have bigger problems to keep the tension up in a lot shorter songs.


On opener “Question Of Eternity“ they build up a pretty big contrast between the pretty heavy Death/Black passages and a very melancholic chorus with clear vocals, which are not bad, but at times do not sound all that strong and is not able to fully hold the note. But still they only rarely lose track and combine the quite contrasting elements pretty well. After “Angst Im Wald“ then is a pretty short and somehow unfinished sounding intermezzo, they pull all progressive stops on the more than 12-minute “Coral Island” and are closest to OPETH here, with only a few of the passages seeming a bit too drawn out, creating a few lengths.


Altogether “Mythaeon“ is a good and quite ambitioned release, which besides the just mentioned lengths only has one real weakness, which is the clear voice, which they definitely will have to work on. Other than that NOVEMBERS FALL have a lot of potential, which with a little fine tuning should be able to generate quite some label interest.


Oh yeah, the whole demo can be downloaded in CD quality from the band’s homepage, together with the cover in high resolution! (Online March 8, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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