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La Rumeur Des Chaînes - s/t (10/10) - France - 2005

Genre: Black Metal / Avantgarde
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 26:43
Band homepage: La Rumeur Des Chaînes


  1. Le Encre Et La Plume >mp3
  2. Erytheme >mp3
  3. Le Baptistere >mp3
La Rumeur Des Chaînes - s/t

Every now and then a piece of music comes along that defies everything you once thought you knew about Metal, everything you once thought was correct. This is that piece of music. The concept behind this project is quite interesting and basically it is several musicians who decided to make an EP that transcended the boundaries of Black Metal and all Metal in general, to create something profoundly unique. Originally formed under the name REPENTANCE, the band had to stop rehearsals due to conflicting interests and soon became a solely studio based project. They also decided to drop the name REPENTANCE and now have no name, but treat each musically project they do differently.


I am at a loss as to how to describe the music found within “La Rumeur Des Chaînes”, because it is so vastly different to anything I have ever heard before. The closest approximation of the sound I can give you is a blend of SATYRICON, OLD MANS CHILD and Mozart. I know the Mozart reference is way off the mark, but I have little to no experience with classical music, so that’s the best example I can give. The opening track, “Le Encre et la Plume”, combines dark symphonic Classical music with melodic Black Metal, which in turn spirals into a hauntingly beautiful operatic style passage and manages to easily captivate me through its entire 10 minutes and 16 seconds. The next track, “Erytheme”, is definitely my favourite of the 3, which is quite an achievement because each track is utterly brilliant in its own way. It is more Jazz orientated than the previous track and has a more upbeat feel, as opposed to the dark qualities of its predecessor. This is also where the most notable SATYRICON influences become apparent, as some of the sections of the song sound very similar to SATYRICON’s “Fuel For The Hatred”. The last track, “Le Baptistere”, finishes this album in a similar fashion to the way it began, with trade-offs between the Classical symphonics and the impeccably played Black Metal.


If you are in anyway open minded towards music that will make you rethink the way you perceive metal, or are already a big fan of genre crossovers, than this EP is an absolute must. I never thought I would ever give a 10 to any album, because I never thought any piece of music could truly attain perfection. Looks like I was wrong. This is album is everything I could have ever wanted and more. I consider myself a casual Black Metal fan at best and an intolerant fan of anything Classical/Jazzy/Progressive, yet this musical project has swept me off my feet. The EP has been sold out, so for now download the mp3’s and save up your money so you can buy several copies (because one won’t be enough) of whatever recording these crazy Frenchmen cook up next. (Online March 8, 2006)


Edit as of October 3, 2006: New copies of the EP have been made available, so if you wish to purchase one head to

Lachlan McKellar

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