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Dreamland - Future's Calling (6,5/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Dockyard 1
Playing time: 49:31
Band homepage: Dreamland


  1. The Chance
  2. Hearts Like Lions
  3. A New Way
  4. Breaking The Chains
  5. Destiny
  6. Die Slowly
  7. Fade Away
  8. All For One
  9. Dreamland
  10. Future's Calling >mp3
  11. Blank Mind
  12. A New Dimension
  13. Repeating Supremacy (Outro)
Dreamland - Future's Calling

New Metal from Gothenburg! No, no Melo Death, but Power Metal. For just as many people just as much of a cliché as the first, but so far it always has been a good omen when Dockyard1 take a band like that up, meaning that they do not just re-chew the old clichés, but DREAMLAND do not show it at first listen, so let’s see, if they also are among the brigade of recommendable bands from the land of the three crowns.


Founded as INFINITY back in 2003, they changed their name to DREAMLAND after one demo and a single and were discovered by a certain Joacim Cans (HAMMERFALL), whose goal it was to bring this band to a wide audience and promptly invited them into his Moonshine Studio, where he took care of the productions of their debut “Future’s Calling” together with Andy Larocque (KING DIAMOND).


And it is not really surprising that HAMMERFALL shine through as influence, combined with more Eighties-sounding influences, which makes DREAMLAND more than just a HAMMERFALL clone. And after the intro “The Chance“ “Hearts Like Lions“ stomps ahead with power and nicely enough without any bombast, borne by the good guitar work of the duo Eriksson/Rauti, before steps flat on the gas pedal on “A New Way“ and lift the foot only in the chorus.


The ballad “Fade Away“ is very good, with a few extra female vocals, while the hymn “All For One“ truly is one, albeit a bit very clichéd, I rather go for the more Eighties-like, fast title track. Still there is not too much that stays stuck, more than once they tangle themselves up in the ropes of genre standards, which with the huge quantity of bands these days is not really enough to stand out of the mass.


A good debut, which shows that DREAMLAND have potential and damn good musicianship, but when I think of the many other great bands out there that are at least one step ahead, I just can’t be any more positive… (Online March 9, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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