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MXD - Frustration Is Fuel (6,5/10) - Switzerland - 2006

Genre: Industrial Pop / Metal
Label: Equilibre Music
Playing time: 52:18
Band homepage: MXD


  1. Roxygen
  2. D-Trial
  3. Fuel
  4. Ictus >mp3
  5. Urban Desert
  6. Hockenheim
  7. Megadrive
  8. Pandemonium
  9. Sweet & Sour
  10. WIDKW
  11. Week-End Bizarre
  12. A Meaning Of Life
MXD - Frustration Is Fuel

If you happen to be a Metalhead and a fan of dance music, this might catch your attention. Imagine a mix of the CHEMICAL BROTHERS with a dancier RAMMSTEIN, or maybe a less Metallic MINISTRY combined with a little bit of PRODIGY. If those mutant amalgamations sound appealing to you, you might want to check out Switzerland's MXD.


Poppy hooks, programmed break beats and samples collide with simplistic guitar riffs, deeply sung and sometimes shouted/growled vocals and good bit of trance-like repetition. The whole package brings to mind a dark dance club with a lot of leatherclad individuals waving around glowsticks. In the end, "Frustration Is Fuel" is pretty far from Metal, though it does have its share of intensity.


He who dislikes Techno in his music, avoid this like the plague. The fan of honest-to-goodness dance music will probably not get much out of this either, as the Metallic leanings keep it from going too far in the dance direction. In the end, it's caught somewhere in limbo, in between the two genres. This might be fun music to play while video gaming or gleefully shaking my posterior, but it's not exactly something I'm going to be playing every day. Or year. (Online March 9, 2006)

Wesley D. Cray

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