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Bronx Casket Co., The - Hellectric (7,5/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 62:37
Band homepage: Bronx Casket Co., The


  1. Little Dead Girl >mp3
  2. Everything I Got
  3. Dream Of Angels
  4. Sherimoon >mp3
  5. Bleed With Me
  6. Motorcrypt
  7. Let My People Go
  8. Free Bird >mp3
  9. In My Skin
  10. Can't Stop The Rain
  11. Mortician's Lullaby
  12. Live For Death
Bronx Casket Co., The - Hellectric

When DD Verni (OVERKILL) and co. had come into the scene with their self-titled debut back in 1999, almost everybody thought that THE BRONX CASKET CO. was yet another all-star band that would fall apart after one album. But nope, in 2001 they followed it up with “Sweet Home Transylvania“, which followed the direction of the debut. After that followed four years of grave like silence, before DD and his horde of undead left the crypt and unleashed another swarm of darkness on the Metal world.


Its title is “Hellectric“ and very surprisingly the line-up still is the same, with DD on bass, his band colleague Tim Mallare on drums, Jack Frost on guitars, Charlie Calv on keyboards and former MISFITS fronter SpY as vocalist (in the meantime Mallare and SpY do not seem to be part of the band anymore), so it somehow really seems to be a band! In the past TBCC have been compared to BLACK SABBATH here, TYPE O NEGATIVE there and I mist say that these comparisons still stand in the vicinity of these bands, for they combine the darkness and catchiness of the Pete Steele-fronted darkhearts with the at times doomy riffs of the Britons, but without really sounding like either.


Opening “Little Dead Girl“ (also released as single) is almost shamelessly catchy, this chorus sticks right to your brain, but without turning shallow, I can almost hear this song be a hit on the dancefloors! And the following “Everything I Got” also is super catchy, do they try to go commercial on us here? Not really, because “Sherimoon” does not really fit in for my ears, but with its heavier and more modern riffing they stand out. “Bleed With Me”, though, is another ultra catchy (yes, we have a pattern here) tune, which also is very intense and atmospheric, using some female vocals in the background, very good track!


And THE BRONX CASKET CO. still have another real hammer to swing, one that I absolutely had not recognised! Slow, intense, dark, almost pure Gothic Doom, a great song and the best thing is – it is a cover version of LYNYRD SKYNYRD’s “Free Bird“! No joke!


Who has liked the first two albums already will surely love “Hellectric“, but who overall likes his music dark and very catchy should also like THE BRONX CASKET CO.’s third effort! (Online March 10, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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