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Morgana Lefay - Sanctified (9,5/10) - Sweden - 1995

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Black Mark
Playing time: 57:19
Band homepage: Morgana Lefay


  1. Out In The Silence
  2. Time Is God
  3. To Isengard
  4. Why?
  5. Mad Messiah
  6. Another Dawn
  7. In The Court Of The Crimson King
  8. Sorrow Calls
  9. Where Insanity Rules
  10. Shadows Of God/Gil-Galad (The Sanctified)
Morgana Lefay - Sanctified

Before us we have a record which is already more than ten years old, but I must say, that I still find it as appealing and fresh as I did the first time I heard it, shortly after being released in 1995. Probably the only flaw it has, if one can say that, is its sterile sound. Nevertheless nothing else could be said against the guys who call themselves MORGANA LEFAY since 1989. It is their fourth LP. The artwork, the production (man in charge the mighty Ulf Peterson), the lyrics are just great. The fans of “The Lord Of The Rings” should discover two tracks that deal with this theme. The music is…well…pure and genuine Power Metal at its best (it is recommended to listen to it as loud as possible, for the best results!) The instruments all sound flawless as well, the production is well-balanced.


We have slower and faster songs on the record which make up a perfect display of Power Metal. Even if within the first four tracks we can notice that the tempo becomes slower and slower, highlighting with the slowest track of the album "Why“, that won’t harm the record at all, on the contrary. This variety only underlines the abilities of these guys, both as musicians and songwriters. The first track “Out In The Silence“ already puts us in the mood and shows us what we are dealing here with. Charles Rytkönen’s voice is one of the trademarks of this band and one of the best within the genre (in case you thought I am all out of superlatives!). "Time is God“ has some really powerful grinding riffs, one has the sensation that every riff pounds like a steamhammer. And then "To Isengard“ almost makes you feel you are there, marching towards Saruman’s fortress, a really great clip was made to it. And then the already mentioned "Why“ begins with guitar, keyboard and vocals...great lyrics, great atmosphere…and ends with shredding guitars and hammering drums. "Mad Messiah“ and "Another Dawn“ display more or less the same mid-tempo riffs and great vocals, bearing the MORGANA LEFAY trademark.


"In The Court Of The Crimson King“ is the fastest track of the album and one could draw some parallels to ANNIHILATOR at this point. But don’t get confused, this is not a cover of the KING CRIMSON track!! "Sorrow Calls“ follows the pattern of the already mentioned "Why“, starting in a melancholic atmosphere, with guitar and keyboard…bass and drum join…and then riffing begins…and along the 8 minutes of the song slower and faster parts interchange. "Where Insanity Rules“ and "Shadows Of God“ are the next two power exhibits on the album, which ends with "Gil-Galad“, another Tolkien inspired track, which displays rather Doom then Power Metal, but in spite of this it doesn’t stick out. Well actually that is not really the end of the record, cause the guys still surprise us with….well… a jam…hear it for yourselves J Enjoy!! (Online March 11, 2006)

Jenö Szöke

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