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Forest Of Shadows - Where Dreams Turn To Dust (10/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Rage Of Achilles Records
Playing time: 29:14
Band homepage: Forest Of Shadows


  1. Eternal Autumn
  2. Wish
  3. Of Sorrow Blue
Forest Of Shadows - Where Dreams Turn To Dust

As "Departure", the first long player of FOREST OF SHADOWS, had been so to my liking, I just bought the EP "Where Dreams Turn To Dust" as well. And I must say that it is even better. Three songs with a playing time of almost half an hour does not really give any illusions for potential radio hits (which would be delusional with a Doom band anyway). This EP also is pure melancholy, but packed into beautiful melodies, so that you can’t stop listening to the songs.


Opener "Eternal Autumn" captures the perfect mood of a grey autumn day. The song begins with the bittersweet sounds of a German flute, which could put you to sleep, if there was not this inimitable, heavy guitar melody coming in after roundabout a minute. And this gemstone of a melody leads you through the whole song, with little variations, slow, but with a purpose. A pity that after nine extremely entertaining minutes it already is over. But then it continues with “Wish”, which for FOREST OF SHADOWS is quite varied. First of all the brutal vocals tear you from your dreams, while the fantastic harmonies soothe you again right away. And the cleverly incorporated clear vocals then give you the rest. Here you can feel excited and then relax again. The song sounds like a relief for the hopeless melancholic.


At the end we have "Of Sorrow Blue", also a wonderful hymn to tristesse. This song, too, is borne by a brilliant melody, which rises more and more. The guitars flare up every now and then, but are always loosened up by acoustic guitars and piano parts, as well some violin. In between they surprise with some double-bass, just to slow down a lot towards the end. Old PARADISE LOST and AMORPHIS fans should get this masterpiece, if you see it, it is SO worth it!!! (Online March 13, 2006)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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