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Mad Max - Night Of White Rock (2,5/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: AOR Heaven
Playing time: 43:53
Band homepage: Mad Max


  1. To Hell And Back Again
  2. Losin’ It
  3. Hope To See You
  4. Unbelievable
  5. Sun
  6. Homeless
  7. Raise Your Voice
  8. Upon My Soul
  9. Bad Day In Heaven
  10. Night Of White Rock
  11. (Just A) Melody
Mad Max - Night Of White Rock

You know, when you share the name of one of the most brutal and enrapturing independent movies ever created you have a lot to live up to. Before throwing this album in I made the glaring mistake of thinking this would at least be a thick slab of rocking Heavy Metal if not more so on the extreme side of the Metal spectrum; what an idiot. MAD MAX is not brutal, tough, or even independent, rather, over the top melodic wailing and lame guitar-work which inspires me to cringe in listener agony is what this band is all about.


The opening riff of “To Hell And Back Again” is not altogether atrocious. Once you get past that weird chiming intro and awkward synth effect the guitar seems as though it has potential. Then the shit hits the fan as Michael Voss comes across the speakers and gives you one of those classic “what the fuck?” moments only inspired by such mind-boggling artists and atrocious pieces of cinema. True to the intro riff the guitars bear potential throughout the release but never really kick it into high gear. “Mediocre” is the word which immediately comes to mind. When you have vocals which make your balls crawl up inside your body cavity you must have stellar riffage or you’re going down faster than a plane piloted by a Kennedy.


The drums and bass-lines are ok but nothing which draws you to delve deeper into “Night Of White Rock”. The classic Rock bordering on glam sound achieved by this band really does very little other than to showcase the vocal work which we have already established as a travesty. The production job is pretty damn good as all of the instruments are allowed to breathe and the guitar tone does have that vicious Classic Rock Brian May guitar tone; too bad MAD MAX couldn’t pen a “Death On Two Legs” to save their life.


I hate to be harsh but I just do not see the market for this. Who listens to releases such as this post 1989? Even you’re into the whole glam thing there are certainly better bands out there than MAD MAX which leads one to simply regret that Mel Gibson did not handcuff this German four piece to that burning wreck instead. (Online March 18, 2006)

Charles Theel

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