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Planet X - Live From Oz (8/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Fusion / Rock
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 73:02
Band homepage: Planet X


  1. Ignotus Per Ignotium
  2. Inside Black
  3. Dog Boots
  4. Atlantis: I Apocalypse 1470 BC
  5. II Sea Of Antiquity
  6. III Lost Island
  7. Derek Sherinian Solo
  8. Warfinger
  9. Virgil Donati Solo
  10. Warfinger Reprise
  11. Tony Macalpine Solo
  12. Her Animal
  13. Europa
  14. Pods Of Trance
Planet X - Live From Oz

Former keyboard player for DREAM THEATER, Derek has decided to form his own band and show the world what he has. This three piece super group recorded the CD live in Melbourne, Australia, last year. Talk about some serious playing here. These guys are playing Progressive/Jazz/Fusion that is out of control. The playing is vicious, technical and yet melodic when you least expect it.

"Ignotus Ignotium" shows the guys playing some amazingly odd time changes capable of holding the fans interest, because there is not too much to catchy riffs here. This is some serious playing! Tony Macalpine still has the capability to wow and mesmerize fans while Virgil Donati's drumming is just absolutely sick. The guys are able to bring it down a bit and show that there is a somewhat softer side to the band with "Inside Black". It's definitely out of control, but it carries some nice rhythm sections and Derek's fancy finger work is real pleasing to the ears. Lots of Jazz/Rock-influences shape this piece of work really nicely.

"Dog Boots" is faster piece of work here with Virgil's rapid fire double-kick-drumming. How this man doesn't get tired is beyond me. While each member of the band is a showman in their own right, they have the ear and capability to work as a cohesive unit and not overshadow the other. But for those who need to hear each individual on a solo basis, don't worry! They each do a solo that brings the house down.

14 instrumentals form this disc that is enticing and exciting. Fans of the Progressive Rock and Jazz movement who are looking for any possible inspiration will find it here. But, if you just want to hear some fantastic and out of control playing, you'll find it here too!

Joe Florez

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